Post-Thanksgiving Shopping – Buy LOCAL this Year

Tis' the season - the season to head out and look for the perfect gift for your favorite people. Here are just a handful of deals happening after … [Read More...]

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Bathrooms, Heated Floors, Free Rides (and More)!

As you may (or may not) know, the new RTS Transit Center in downtown is about to open its doors for the very first time - operating a full schedule of … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

Check out our list of CITY Things to Do for December, check back often as we will continue to add to it all throughout the month! Monday, 12/1: 8pm … [Read More...]


Slow Road, City Sights, and the MINI Spotlight

Congrats to Ben Woelk and his team at Slow Road for getting the international spotlight directed towards Rochester (and surrounding areas) in the MINI … [Read More...]

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Little Barrel Bourbon – Here’s One Great Shot to Get You Out on Black Friday

If you're anything like me, you could care nothing about Black Friday and whatever time Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are opening up (pretty much standard on Thanksgiving evening now). Whatever happened to digesting Thanksgiving dinner and just enjoying the Holiday with loved ones? Related Post: Black Button Bourbon     Not to worry, Jason Barrett and Black Button Distilling promise to make this year's Black Friday a day … [Read More...]

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Custom Tees to Novelties at Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Bill Kingston, founder of Crazy Dog T-Shirts, has an interesting story. From a college class project in 2004, to a fully functioning, creative t-shirt design company, Crazy Dog T-Shirts has come a long way in 10 years and continues to grow. As an e-commerce class project in 2004 while at Ithaca College, Crazy Dog began in a dorm room. After selling a handful of tees for class, orders continued to roll in. Over the years he's moved the … [Read More...]

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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Button Lofts

Do you really need reasons why you'll love the city's newest lofts opening in the Monroe Ave neighborhood? We didn't think so. Who doesn't want to live in a NYC-inspired loft featuring brand-new modern appliances and open floor plans with exposed … [Read More...]

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Take a Break – Enjoy Incredible Music

Taking breaks throughout the workday is important for productivity. Taking a lunch break is necessary to refuel. So why not take a break and be filled with the inspiration of music and talented musicians here in our city...? Do you work downtown … [Read More...]


So You Want to Support Local this Thanksgiving?

You're planning a big Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends this year in the city, and you want to get away from the same old, same old. Or maybe it'll just be you here in Rochester, all by your lonesome. No worries! We stopped by our favorite … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

We're changing some things up on the Rochesteriat. Each month we'll have a new post featuring events happening in the city. It's not an all-inclusive … [Read More...]

Free film frenzy

FREE + Video Production = You’re a Genius! (and quite possibly a movie star)

Ben Gonyo & Team, the creative talents behind Fish & Crown Creative, recently took home "Best Filmmaker of 2014" in Rochester CITY Newspaper's … [Read More...]

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Here are 6 Ways You Need to Enjoy the Holidays at the George Eastman House

The Holidays are soon to be upon us and we all know that there are many ways to enjoy (or stress out about!) the season. Most won't offer the amount … [Read More...]


Plane to Trail to Train – an urbanite’s guide to the Hudson Highlands

When traveling to NYC you often think about all the "BIG CITY" aspects: the buildings, traffic, the night life, and the hundreds of thousands of … [Read More...]