February Events 2015

As the winter in Rochester continues, there are plenty of events around the city to keep you occupied. From ice skating in Martin Luther King Jr. … [Read More...]


Where to Get Your Thrifty Essentials

New things are nice, but things that have been around for awhile? They have character AND they need a home outside of a landfill. Instead of … [Read More...]

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10 Developments to Get Excited About in 2015 – Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, you may want to start there first. While Part 1 focused on Center City, Part 2 expands outwards into the great … [Read More...]

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Inside the “Little House in the City”

This post is an addition to the recent post written by Mike Governale on Rochester Subway. These were pictures taken in September of 2014, just as … [Read More...]

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Get Educated at Joe Bean

Coffee newbies and connoisseurs alike will enjoy the offerings at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. From the many coffee selections and different brew methods, to wine, beer, and select food menu. But did you know they're also dedicated to education? Joe Bean is a great place to learn about coffee, brew methods, and more, whether you sit and chat with a Barista over your beverage or take a class. Intro to Origin - January 27th Learn about … [Read More...]

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10 Developments to Get Excited About in 2015 – Pt. 1

By this time of year, the ground is frozen, heating bills are high, and the hardest thing to do on a daily basis is climb out of your super-comfy bed in the morning. But just because you don't want to leave your home doesn't mean that the city around you is dormant as well. In fact, evidence of major activity is all around us and can be seen throughout the city, despite the ground and equipment being covered in white fluffy powder. Recent … [Read More...]

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Be a Part of the Change in 2015

January is the start of a new year, it gives us the chance to start over. We've got goals, dreams, and plans to make these things happen in our lives. But what about our city? Maybe a priority in our life should include being a part of the positive … [Read More...]

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It’s All About Urban!

While walking through the brand new Delta Terminal 4 at JFK a few days ago, I noticed one of the newest dining options to open up was called Urban Crave. From its website, "UrbanCrave is the hottest new word on the street. Bringing you authentic … [Read More...]


This Pepsi Costs $0!

Taking a walk or drive down East Ave just got a little sweeter for this upcoming weekend, as Pepsi vending machines have sprung up in a few places across our city. If you're near Victoire Bar, East Ave Wegmans... …or The Little in the next few … [Read More...]

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8 Places to Take Advantage of this Winter

For many of us, the winters here in Rochester make us want to hibernate until Spring can prove temperatures above 40 degrees for a few days in a row. … [Read More...]

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Dunkin’ Donuts is Getting Cozy in the East End

Ok, we've said it before - our city definitely has a love affair with coffee going. Without a doubt, we have some of the BEST cafe's throughout our … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

The Holidays are over and it's a New Year - Welcome to 2015 in the City! No matter what month we are in, there are always many things going on in our … [Read More...]

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2014 in Review: looking back

Each year brings new things. In 2013 we launched the Rochesteriat and in 2014 we celebrated ONE year. It's been an incredible journey. Let's look back … [Read More...]