What You Missed at WALL\THERAPY 2015

There is so much about Wall\Therapy that we love, admire and relate to, but most of all, it's the idea of using a public forum (in this case public … [Read More...]

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The Very First Outdoor TedxFlourCitySalon: Stepping Out

Free. Outdoors. TEDx Salon. Yes this is happening! Next week, Wednesday August 5th, the Washington Square Park in downtown Rochester will play host … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

Happy August Rochester! Enjoy the Festivals, the events, and the summer weather. Here’s our list of events for the month and we will continue to add … [Read More...]


#5 – In a Museum

For those new to this monthly installment, Conversation with A Stranger  is a regular series from local photographer Stephen S. Reardon. This quick … [Read More...]


Buckingham Properties presents: Movies with a Downtown View 2015

What: Buckingham Properties presents Movies with a Downtown View 2015 When: Friday July 24th & August 14th, 2015 July Movie - lawn opens at 6:30p; give-away winners announced 8:30p, movie starts approximately 8:45p August Movie - lawn opens at 6:00p; give-away winners announced 8:00pm, movie starts approximately 8:15pm Where: MLK Jr. Memorial Park - aka - Manhattan Square Park Cost: FREE to attend! Movies: July - Moonrise … [Read More...]


9 Things to do in the next 48 Hours!

Ok, when our forecast here in ROC looks this good, you NEED to be out and about enjoying. That's why when we're here in mid-summer we have a ton of things to do for our city folk. There is no reason to say that there is nothing to do within the next 48 hours...check it out, we'll help make the last part of your work week that much more bearable and before you know it, it's the weekend! Here are 9 things to do for your Thursday and Friday, the … [Read More...]


8 Ways the Brooklyn Invasion of West Elm Roc Will Make its Mark on this City

Ok, so you know of the Invasion of Normandy and the British Invasion in world history. Now get ready, because there's another invasion that's about to happen: the Brooklyn Invasion of ROC. What comes to mind when we say Brooklyn?...the Bridge, the … [Read More...]


Our Secret: 60 Homes for the Price of 1

You really want to know why we love Rochester so much? It's simple - because it affords us a quality lifestyle at a great price. That may be an over-simplification of it, because there really are a ton of reasons: the people are nice, the surrounding … [Read More...]


College Town Eats for Summer Fun

School may be out, but College Town is alive and well. Brand new store fronts are being built out and filled with new - and there's even more happening on the lawn. Each Wednesday through August 26th a new band is taking the stage from noon to 2pm to … [Read More...]


What You Missed at the Fringe Big Reveal

We're still amazed at how many people around our city who haven't heard about the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival. Then again, it's only going … [Read More...]


This Sharp Lookin’ Loft Is Not Where You’d Expect

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend and realtor Rich Tyson took us to an unexpected yet delightful part of the city. This is a part of the city … [Read More...]

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Urban Study: A Fresh Look at the Times Square Building

I had always enjoyed seeing the Times Square Building on my infrequent trips from suburbia into the city. But it was not until I moved downtown to a … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

Our city is full of life, art, and culture... get out and enjoy it. Here’s a list of things to do this month in the CITY, it will continue to grow so … [Read More...]