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Little Barrel Bourbon – Here’s One Great Shot to Get You Out on Black Friday

If you're anything like me, you could care nothing about Black Friday and whatever time Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are opening up (pretty much … [Read More...]

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Custom Tees to Novelties at Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Bill Kingston, founder of Crazy Dog T-Shirts, has an interesting story. From a college class project in 2004, to a fully functioning, creative t-shirt … [Read More...]

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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Button Lofts

Do you really need reasons why you'll love the city's newest lofts opening in the Monroe Ave neighborhood? We didn't think so. Who doesn't want to … [Read More...]

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Take a Break – Enjoy Incredible Music

Taking breaks throughout the workday is important for productivity. Taking a lunch break is necessary to refuel. So why not take a break and be filled … [Read More...]


So You Want to Support Local this Thanksgiving?

You're planning a big Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends this year in the city, and you want to get away from the same old, same old. Or maybe it'll just be you here in Rochester, all by your lonesome. No worries! We stopped by our favorite (and only!) downtown grocery store recently - Hart's Local Grocers - to find some great ideas to dress your table with on November 27th. While you're feeding yourself, there is no better time to give … [Read More...]


Best Things to Do

We're changing some things up on the Rochesteriat. Each month we'll have a new post featuring events happening in the city. It's not an all-inclusive list, but we'll be bringing you the best events and some new things you need to try. Check back often, we'll keep adding to the post! Friday, 11/14: 5:30pm @ Water Street Music Hall - Rock the Cure to Benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 7pm @ Geva Theatre - 'Til Death Do Us … [Read More...]

Free film frenzy

FREE + Video Production = You’re a Genius! (and quite possibly a movie star)

Ben Gonyo & Team, the creative talents behind Fish & Crown Creative, recently took home "Best Filmmaker of 2014" in Rochester CITY Newspaper's "Best of…" contest. What did they do to celebrate? They selflessly created a FREE Film Frenzy of … [Read More...]

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Here are 6 Ways You Need to Enjoy the Holidays at the George Eastman House

The Holidays are soon to be upon us and we all know that there are many ways to enjoy (or stress out about!) the season. Most won't offer the amount of glitz, glamour, and ROC history that our treasured George Eastman House will. Here are 6 ways to … [Read More...]


Plane to Trail to Train – an urbanite’s guide to the Hudson Highlands

When traveling to NYC you often think about all the "BIG CITY" aspects: the buildings, traffic, the night life, and the hundreds of thousands of people you may pass in a day. But you may not think about what lies just shortly outside of the city … [Read More...]


Metaphorically Speaking of Course!

At the office of the Rochesteriat, we do a lot of research trying to find what's interesting, exciting, new, old, unique and everything else on the … [Read More...]



So you've been out enjoying the warm days and cool nights of fall, getting that last bit of fresh air, and watching the leaves change. It's already … [Read More...]


Who needs $1 Redbox when you have the Central Library’s Media Center?

If you haven't been to the Central Library in a while, things may look a little different on the first floor. No, nothing is under lock and key, … [Read More...]


Eat the Cake – it’s for a good cause

Our city is full of organizations dedicated to seeing improvements and changes in the city. One of which is NeighborWorks Rochester. Their focus is on … [Read More...]