What is the Rochesteriat?

So you may be thinking what is the Rochesteriat? Good question.

We're -

  • a City Guide with an Urban Voice here in ROC;
  • a visual guide, sharing pictures that say a lot more than words;
  • imperfect, perceptive, and we're sometime a little goofy - not super serious - and we may not always get it right;
  • a place to bring you the BEST/WORST/CRAZIEST/QUIRKY/UNIQUE...{insert adjective} things around our city.

What do we cover?

The Rochesteriat is a place whose eyes are on the city... and yes, mostly the city. We write about the businesses, organizations, events, and development happening within the city limits of Rochester, NY. It's not that we don't care about Rochester's surrounding areas (suburbs, rural towns and villages), but being a small company we want to focus our energy and not lose ourselves in the process.

We're happy to partner with people and organizations from both inside and outside the city, because we know life in our city does not happen in a vacuum - the success of our region depends on how well we all work together. Oh - and you may even see posts written by us featuring other cities - because we like to travel and we think it's a good idea to stay worldly in our views. 

Why the Rochesteriat?

We believe it's time to push aside the negative stereotypes and perceptions that are still held by many to see what is really happening here in Rochester. Change is happening all around us. Businesses have been thriving here for years and new ones are constantly opening. Our city is in revival mode and it will take more than one major development or project to bring it back to the glory days of Sibley's, Midtown, and Kodak. It's all the little people (like us!), the small businesses, the artists, the entrepreneurs... all working for the greater good. 

We hope to be a part of the changing city and hope you'll want to also. Click ABOUT US to learn more specifically about our team. 

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Want to know some of our VALUES? Here's a few:

  1. FUN - why do something if it's NOT fun?
  2. DIVERSITY - mix it up - we don't all have to be the same, look the same, or do that same things.
  3. URBAN - since the earliest of times, humans have built cities in order to help each other live easier lives.
  4. INTEGRITY - doing what we say, and saying what we mean. 
  5. PASSION - giving 110% to everyday and knowing it's not enough to just make a paycheck. 
  6. COLLABORATION - we can't do this on our own - and by "this", we mean anything. 
  7. POSITIVE - negativity destroys the world. Fear and hate breed nothing but useless fearmongers.
  8. TRAVEL - get out and see the world - it's a big place, you might just learn something new. 
  9. LEARNING - new things expand the mind and keep us grounded to the fact that we're not the only ones on this big planet.