10 Simple Reasons to Get to the ROC Bloody Mary Fest

On Sunday, October 15th, some of Rochester's best restaurants and bars are going head-to-head for the title of Rochester's Best Bloody Mary.

Step Out Buffalo, a guide to food and entertainment in Buffalo, is expanding their ever-popular Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest and now have created a Rochester Bloody Mary Fest.

Step Out Buffalo

Step Out Buffalo

General Admission tickets include admission and Bloody Mary tastes from each bar and restaurant involved, while the VIP tickets include admission to the event, Bloody Mary tastes from each bar and restaurant, VIP only food buffet, access to the exclusive VIP lounge, VIP entry, and a private VIP cash bar.

Here are 10 Simple Reasons to Get to the ROC Bloody Mary Fest:

  1.  Bitter Honey
  2.  Black Button Distilling
  3.  Blu Wolf Bistro
  4.  Cub Room
  5.  Honeoye Boathouse Grill
  6.  Hogan's Hideaway
  7.  Nosh
  8.  Orbs
  9.  The Revelry
  10.  Roam Cafe

Will you help decide who takes home each award: “Rochester’s Best Bloody Mary”, “Best Garnished Bloody Mary”, and “Most Creative Bloody Mary”?

Date/Time: Sunday, October 15th, 1-4pm
Location: Rochester Main Street Armory, 900 East Main Street
More Details: Website, Facebook, Ticket Page, Step Out Buffalo Website


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Save the Date: FWR 2017


Are you getting excited for Fashion Week 2017? This year's events run from October 10th-14th.

Here's a little teaser video from last year's events all benefiting The Center for Youth here in Rochester and its programs for youth...

Check out some of our photos from the 2013 and 2015 events:

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

This year's schedule of events runs from October 10th - 14th. Check out their website or go right to Eventbrite to purchase tickets. 

A good portion of this year's events will be held in a super-structure being built just for Fashion Week at 100 E. Highland Drive....check out the pictures:

photo credit: the center for youth

photo credit: the center for youth

photo credit: the center for youth

photo credit: the center for youth

Now, go get your tickets and support Fashion Week and the Center for Youth!

The Links:
Fashion Week of Rochester (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
The Center For Youth

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Do All The Things - September 9th Edition

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

When our events page can't handle ALL THE THINGS happening in a weekend, we feel it deserves a special post. So here goes nothing... there's a ton of great things happening on Saturday and here's a rundown on some of it:

Saturday, September 9th:

Rochester Cyclocross (thru 9/10)

This International Cycling competition is located in our very own Genesee Valley Park. See the schedule of events for all the details and festivities.


Olmsted Park Design Tour: 10-11:30am

Interested in learning more about Highland and Olmsted's legacy? Come learn about the Park's unique landscape design and structure, and its Mt. Hope Nurseries "roots."

George Eastman Museum Annual Plant Sale: 10am-3pm

Purchase perennials and woody plants grown from seeds, divisions, cuttings, and offshoots from the museum gardens! Find the sale near the University Ave entrance.

Crazy Dog | Facebook

Crazy Dog | Facebook

Swimmin' In Shirts T-Shirt Sale & Fundraiser: 10am-3pm

For $10 (cash) buy a tote bag and stuff it with tee shirts from Crazy Dog! Half of the proceeds go directly to benefitting the Willow Domestic Violence Center of Greater Rochester. How great is that?

The 45th Antiquarian Book Fair: 10am-4pm

Are you a lover of all things books and literature? Head to the Main Street Armory for the 45th Annual book fair.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Clothesline Festival: Sat. & Sun. 10am-5pm

The 61st Clothesline Festival is all weekend at the Memorial Art Gallery. Shop from over 375 artists from all across New York State. Want more details? Check out our Official Unofficial Insider's Guide to the Fest.

September Brainery Bazaar: 10am-5pm

Shop from local vendors and artists at Rochester Brainery on Saturday. It's NEVER too early to stock up for birthdays and holidays.

Rundel River to Roof Tours: 1:30-3:30pm

Go tour the Rundel Memorial Building of Central Library. Visit the Lower Stacks and a trap door to the millrace; the Upper Stacks, with staff reports of paranormal activity; the Local History & Genealogy Division's treasures; and more.

Rochester Celtic Festival: 2-10pm

The Rochester Celtic Fest (also on Friday from 5-10pm) is being held in MLK Jr. Memorial Park. Celebrate Irish culture with instrument and dance demonstrations, food, music, and more.

(Dis)connect by Mandi Antonucci: 6-10pm

Enjoy the opening receptrion for this Solo Exhibition of drawings by Mandi Antonucci. The show runs from September 9th - October 13th.

Documentary Screening: Changing the World One Wall at a Time: 7-9pm

This 45-minute documentary film screening about one of the world's biggest street art and human rights campaigns is FREE.  Local filmmaker Kyle Corea who was part of the project/filming/producing in New York City will be present during discussions.


LuX Event Page

LuX Event Page

Lux 15th Birthday Party: 9pm-2am

Lux is celebrating 15 years with a big bash. There will be games, prizes, cotton candy, hot dogs and a show by "20 PENNY CIRCUS".

There's so much happening this weekend, there's a chance we probably missed something great. But, you can't deny after looking at this list that your Saturday will not be boring.

As always, check our EVENTS PAGE to find out what events are happening in the city.

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6 Things You'll Want to Take Note of in the WSP Neighborhood

Labor Day weekend puts us unofficially out of the summer, although technically it's still around for another two weeks (autumn equinox 9/22/17). If you haven't had a chance to take a walk outside and explore our city, do it now before the cold air limits us to the inside. 

One place you may want to take note of: the Washington Square Park Neighborhood and its surrounding areas. There are a ton of things currently happening in this small, southern section of Center City, all to revitalize the area and make it more appealing for all. Here are 6 Things You'll Want to Take Note of in the WSP Neighborhood

1. Neighborhood Banners

IMG_0624 (1).jpg

Have you noticed the neighborhood banners that line Clinton Ave (near Geva Theatre), surround the Washington Square Park itself, and even down Capron Street and South Ave extension? The banners were produced by a joint effort between the Washington Square Park Community Association (WSPCA), the City's Neighborhood Service Center and Mayor's Office, and Geva Theatre.

Banners give a locale, a sense of place and an identity - they are really a nice way to welcome people to the area. 

2. Soldiers and Sailors Monument


Have you ever noticed the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Washington Square Park? This is the central piece in this Frederick Law Olmsted Park that was dedicated in 1892 to those who fought in the Civil War. Years of weather have brought discoloration on the statue figures and the medallions on the base were broken and/or lost. 


The City has worked hard this summer to clean up the statues and has even had the medallions replicated and replaced on the statue. Work will continue on into 2018 to clean up and restore the monument to all its full glory. 

3. Park Grounds


The City installed brand new picnic tables earlier this summer, they tore out the old, dingy stage that was sitting in the Park, and maintenance crews kept a watchful eye on the landscaping. But more is to come in the years ahead. 

In August, the WSPCA was awarded a $15,000 historical preservation grant by the Rochester Area Community Foundation for Pre-Development work to commence. What this means is that the Community Association will begin planning a large-scale project with the Community Design Center of Rochester to restore and reinvigorate the Washington Square Park, with community input, so that the Park, once again, becomes a more useful asset to our area. 

Oh, and remember that commissioned, beautiful paint job that Thievin' Stephen did on the traffic box across from Geva Theatre back in 2014? It was wrecked in a car accident this summer and needs a new paint job. Stay tuned, your chance to help is coming. 

4. Austrian Cannon

Yes, the elusive cannon that no one knows the whereabouts. Well, we found it, we fixed it (actually, the City fixed in with the help of a professional restorer), and it will once again be put back out into the Washington Square Park soon enough.

Plans are underway for an unveiling and commemoration, all with the help of Park's Commissioner Norman Jones and the Military History Society's Chuck Baylis. 

5. M&T Rochester Headquarters: 3 City Center

We're lucky in the neighborhood to have a new tenant and neighbor, M&T Bank, move into the former Frontier building. M&T Bank is investing multiple-millions of dollars with the group, Three City Center Partners, to enhance the building, the surrounding footprint, and the neighborhood. The building itself has been aptly renamed to 3 City Center

6. Erie Harbor Promenade


Lastly - have you been to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que lately or seen the construction along the river? The making of the Erie Harbor Promenade is in full scale as we speak, which includes enhancements to a walking path along the river just south of Dinosaur's building and a portion that wraps around said building (on the south side) as seen in the above picture. 

What this work will do is make a previously obstructed, unused portion of the Genesee River completely accessible to the public. It's a start considering many of us think that the River should be utilized in a much more effective manor to attract residents and visitors to downtown. 

This project is the start of a larger project that is said to bring another luxury apartment project to the area by Morgan Management called Court Street Apartments

For more information and to stay tuned of all the developments happening, check out the newly built website of the Washington Square Park Community Association Inc. 

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Get Ready to Experience Fringe: Sept. 14-23

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

It's just about time for the 6th annual KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival. Did you know that it has become one of the most successful fringe festivals in the US? Last year more than 68,000 people attended this 10-day fest which includes over 500 performances - a third of which are FREE!

With so many shows to choose from, we love how easy Fringe makes it to find them. Once you click on "FIND A SHOW" on their website you can search by location, genre, date or even just browse the free shows. In case you didn't know, Fringe has a free app you can download at the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Here are some things you won't want to miss:

The Spiegeltent:

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

The Spiegeltent is a beautiful traveling "tent" that can be found at the corner of Gibbs and Main.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

This venue is a must-see, make sure you get to a show here, we recommend the Cirque du Fringe, the Silent Disco, or The Bicycle Men.

The Spiegelgarden:

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Every year this urban oasis called the Spiegelgarden (located next to the Speigeltent) offers fringer-goers a place to sit & relax, take in the sites & sounds, have something to eat, watch a movie, or even join in a jumbo game of chess or Jenga.

Friday & Saturday on the Fringe:

Whether you're new to Fringe or have gone the previous 5 years - come down to Parcel 5 on Friday or Saturday night (the 15th or 16) for this FREE "grand spectacular" show from Plasticiens Volants, a world-renowned French theatre company. "Featuring giant inflatables, this extraordinary show combines huge floating creatures with projected images, music, and pyrotechnics to tell an unforgettable story."

The Fringe Experience:

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

At the end of the day, it's not just about attending a performance, it's about being involved in an immersive experience, and most of the shows offer just that. Be open to trying new things, like the 3D Sound Experience in the Immersive Igloo, the Labyrinth at the Strasenburgh Planetarium, or the new Farm to Fringe! Just have fun and don't forget to occasionally refuel with some food & drink.

Enjoy the #rocfringe17 experience!

Get Fringe Info:

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