13 New Media Creatives You Should Be Keepin' Tabs On In This City - Pt. 2

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

There is no shortage of creativity in this city...read Part 1…and continuing on -

7. Post Rochester (Online Magazine)

Post is a bi-monthly magazine here in Rochester that gives you many of its featured articles on its website. It gives "stories from the city we love"…"the hidden and untold story of Rochester's innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers." While just only a year and half old, this publication has created somewhat of a cult following here in the city, and currently paper editions can only be found at select locations, including Hart's Local Grocers and Abundance Co-Op. The photography is truly an inspiring artform when it comes to Post, and backs up the claim that they "reflect all of our city- the good and the bad, the beautiful and the unsightly."

Also know that… An annual paper subscription to the Post is only $30, delivered right to your mailbox!

8. Rochester Subway (Blog)

If you are a history buff or are a passionate urbanite of any kind here in Rochester, then it's no doubt that you've heard of RochesterSubway.com, or RocSubway for short. One of the longest running blogs we have in our city, you'll find the ideas, research of the past, and plans for our city's future from multiple contributors including its founder, Mike Governale. With 8.8K+ "Likes" on Facebook, numerous Twitter and email subscribers, RocSubway even has its own SHOP online that includes authentic Rochester Subway tokens, historical transit passes, and the hugely popular Rochester Subway Map.

Also know that... Mike Governale also leads up Reconnect Rochester, an organization that is focused on establishing a more sustainable - and urban! - infrastructure system of transportation in the city.

9. SSR Photography (Website)

Ok, if you want to see how creative and talented our city is, look no further than Stephen S. Reardon. But it's not the fact that he's a commercial and editorial photographer for some of our city's best print publications - he inspires us with his ongoing dialogue of "Conversation with a Stranger" that can be found on his website, or periodically running on our Facebook stream. But don't expect to be weighed down by many words with this ongoing project - in fact, Stephen's blog is, well, short and sweet to say the least - and lets the viewer contemplate what the story behind the image - the person - could be.

Also know that… We love SSR Photography for his coverage of city establishments such as Buta Pub…now I want to go eat there!

10. @DowntownRoc (Twitter)

Maybe you've heard of the non-profit organization, Rochester Downtown Development Corporation, or RDDC for short - maybe you haven't. Even if you have, you may not know exactly what they do. But if you're an active Twitter user and even remotely interested in our city, we're sure you've seen a tag or two from @DowntownRoc. In the last couple of years, RDDC has set itself up to become one of the major leading sources of information on downtown development in our city, and has consistently provided city [residents, developers, businesses, public officials] relevant and quality content that enforces the notion that our downtown is rapidly changing for the better. You should check out their interactive map online, too.

Also know that… If you're looking to learn more about RDDC or just network alongside some of Rochester's movers and shakers, RDDC's homegrown Urban Nights is the place to be!

11. Art House Press (Website)

This is the newest member to the information arena here in the city - a couple of months new to be precise - and we're excited that Cordell Cordaro and Team will be keeping us in the loop on the ever-expanding art scene around the city. Without question does Rochester have a love affair with art and culture - from Wall\Therapy, First Friday, and numerous galleries around - but it seems that information is either sporadic in nature or can be hidden from the general public. Hopefully Art House Press can bring organization to this thriving subset of Roc culture, and present the artists, galleries, and works in a way to be enjoyed by all.

Also know that… Cordell is a rising star in the local art community himself…check out his website for his own works that have a jazzy-mardi gras-urban mix to them.

12. Slow Road Travel (Website) 

Many of you know that we're partnered with Slow Road Travel on our website, and Ben Woelk and Team are a force to be reckoned with in the media realm. Instead of just blogging and taking pictures, Slow Road Travel is all about the video and the experience - showing us how to get in and out of Rochester, and how to explore the environment that is all around us. We're looking forward to more exciting episodes in the near future, and already, we know of a couple of places that are on our list to explore once the weather breaks for the better. Could possible Slow Road "travel experiences" be in the works for the future? We'll have to stay tuned to see.

Also know that… Ben Woelk does his exploring in his MINI Cooper and this past fall, MINI International took notice and blasted their pictures on MINI's Facebook and Instagram pages.

13. Young Lion Rochester (Blog)

Young Lion is probably the simplest blog (also can be described as mysterious, low-key, no-frills) yet nonetheless informative, cool, and inspiring blog or form of media that we have on this list. This is a voice that is "Unapologetically Rochester", and its Manifesto states that it "celebrates city life and fosters a sense of place". With its two tabs of Roc Love Notes and Rochester Personified, we love how Young Lion states that "Rochester is a girl who doesn't realize she's hot." And we admit, that's hot.

Also know that… Young Lion also has a small shop on their blog in the "Mercantile" section. Here you can find one of our favorite "Neighborhoods of Rochester" maps for purchase.

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. The New Media Creatives are changing the landscape of our city by inspiring, creating, and informing... Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook