The 2017 List of ROC Creatives...Part 1

We all know that Rochester has no lack of creative expression and the talent to back it up. For the past 2 years, we've written about 7 Creatives and 13 New Media Creatives that you should  be keeping your radars geared towards.

Naturally, these lists keep on growing in a creative city. Here's our 2017 List of ROC Creatives...part 1  you'll want to keep your eye out for in the coming months and years ahead.

1. Roc Girl Gang

Roc Girl Gang is all about the ladies. It's about showcasing and supporting the "local female creatives, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers in Rochester, NY". The blog highlights specific creatives around town, has a polished aesthetic flair from founder and graphic designer Sarah Knight, and has even built their own brand of t-shirts and workshops to better our city. Become a follower to learn more. 

Now that's a gang I'd want to be a part of, if I were a girl. Follow Roc Girl Gang on Facebook and Instagram

2. ROC Our City

New to the ROC creative scene, ROC Our City is a blog focusing on the people who "ROC Our City". According to the website "ROC Our City was created by a team of people who appreciate the rich history of Rochester, NY and understand that the future of Rochester rests in the capable hands of each and every Rochesterian. For many of the same reasons others have chosen to build their lives within this great city, we’ve decided to dedicate a website to it. Cities, however, don’t inspire, people do.

Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn is not new to the ROC creative scene in any way, as he's been making waves in Rochester for quite some time. Quite frankly, I don't know how we haven't included him in any previous posts to date, because he's an integral part of our city's development in many ways, a friend and fellow member of the Outfit Collective. What sets Shawn apart from the pack is his positive outlook on life: inspiring us all with his brightly painted messages, his bold and creative personal style, and the fact that he works directly with city youth to actually teach and show them how to take pride in their own city. 

Shawn's has his hands in everything from Greentopia, Fashion Week of Rochester, and numerous outdoor public art pieces throughout the city. He's built The Fruit Belt Project, a project that ultimately serves to show how art and creativity can tear down any limiting walls we, as humans, may think we have around us.

Stay in touch with Shawn on his Website, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Goldn Rd

Goldn Rd | FB

Goldn Rd | FB

In a world filled with "me-me-me!" social media, videos, and blog posts, it's refreshing to see a Creative Agency with so little words about's almost intriguing. We found these creatives when we came across their Vesper video, a video that was really well put-together. Founders Josiah Montalvo and Ajani Jeffries are inspired by art, fashion, and skateboarding - three things that seem to come out in their work. 

Goldn Rd has a local fashion line, so if you're looking to support local and want some different ideas, you may want to check here first.

Find these guys on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and is always inspired by what other creatives in our city are doing. Join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.