4 special reasons why you'll want to see this year's Fashion Week


Fashion-Week-RochesterFall has begun and what better way to celebrate wearing more clothes than to have a Fashion Week? Fashion Week of Rochester has become the talk of the town in recent years and locals have come to expect seeing some of the most talented ROC designers and models. The week officially kicks off next Tuesday with the Fashion Exchange where ticket holders can swap out old looks for new ones, the goal of the entire week being to benefit The Center for Youth and its housing programs.

But Fashion Week doesn't just stop at showcasing some of the best local talent - the event's producers have also become known for scoping out the city's best locales that are known - or not-so-well known - but always cool. The Fashion Exchange will take place this year at the MAG, and that needs no introduction. Here are 4 special reasons why you should be looking forward to this year's events - and why you should get off the computer and go buy tickets at your local Wegmans store - NOW!

1. High Tea, High Fashion - Sibley Tea Room

Tea Room If any of the fashion designs at this years show aren't "avant garde", certainly the Sibley Tea Room will be. This was "THE" place to be 100 years ago, and Wednesday for Fashion Week promises to bring back the same notoriety of its glory days for High Tea, High Fashion. This was the condition that it was in just one-year ago, and we're expecting something a little more fancy. Judging by the looks on the marketing videos produced for the event, it looks like things may have cleaned up a bit.

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2. The Gallery of Fashion - Merkel Donohue

Merkel-Building We may have mentioned this place once or twice in the past few months (this is a part of what is called "Woodbury Place"), but that's only because we know it is a gem in the rough. Thursday's The Gallery of Fashion runway show promises local works of art alongside models in evening wear and lingerie, all in this beautiful early 20th century manufacturing building that most recently held the offices of local furniture retailer Merkel Donohue. 2 added bonuses here - this location is one block away from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, so you can enjoy a hearty bite before the show (or drinks if you prefer afterwards), and the building looks out to the Freddie-Sue Bridge, giving participants that NYC/DUMBO feel in the evening.

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3. Fashion by the Books - Rundel Memorial Library

Rundell Books and fashion going together? Of course this makes perfect sense. Those of us nerds have made a big comeback in society's social strata these days by bringing sexy back in fashion, in the economy, and certainly in pop culture (Big Bang Theory, Parks & Recreation). Fashion Week organizers are smart to take advantage of this fact and will make history on that Friday evening by producing an intergenerational show - Fashion by the Books - featuring grandparents and grandchildren, twins, and "silverfoxes" on a so-called European runway - whatever that is. But here's an October added bonus - everyone knows the library is haunted so you might just get a runway show and haunted house for your pre-Halloween pleasure.

4. Fashion Underground - Midtown Tunnel


Looking at this picture, the Midtown Tunnel looks fairly clean and bright. And that is what made it a perfect pick for the final runway show of 2014 - Fashion Underground. The Midtown Tunnel was recently renovated, and even if you're wary of closed-in spaces, the 30-foot ceilings open the space up more to give you some breathing room. Why have your runway finale in some stale, boring place with four walls when you could take it underground in an obscure location? Exactly!

We know we'll be there this year checking out all of the action at Fashion Week. Make sure to take advantage of the good weather while we still have it here and don't forget to dress the part when you're going to these fashionable events!

More information: Fashion Week of Rochester Facebook Page Tickets will sell out - BUY at Wegmans ASAP!