5 Reasons Why This Will Be Your Next Business Location


the Rochesteriat Do you remember the old Tim Hortons in the Central Library? Of course you do! It wasn't that long ago since it was operating, or since it closed its doors this past March. Now the space sits lonely and empty -


- hoping for another chance to redeem itself by hosting another food service operation. Monroe County Library System Director Patricia Uttaro has said there has been a good deal of interest in the space from various vendors - they're just looking for the right fit to house the next operation. So if you (or someone you know!) are looking to start a coffee shop/bakery/diner/eatery, here are 5 reasons why the Central Library location should be tops on your list and your next business location that you're thinking about.

1. Waiting in the Wings...

the Rochesteriat

This former Tim Hortons spot lies pretty close to the Wings of Progress shadows of the Times Square Building in downtown. Not only are there 50,000 suburban commuting workers that come (and go) into and out of this city each day right by this space, but the city is about to start on an ambitious project that could be a very BIG win for an entrepreneur with some foresight. Within mere feet of the doors of this place, the City is looking to spruce up parking and bike lanes over the Broad Street bridge, add new lighting and streetscape enhancements (yes, greenery!), and even re-design a new food truck park.

Too close for comfort? If you think that the food trucks will take away sales from your biz, don't be a downer! They'll do all the work in getting bodies over to the neighborhood via social media, you'll just have to get the people in your doors by offering something amazing!

2. The Secret Garden


This may not be called the Secret Garden, its official name is the Dorris H. Carlson Reading Garden, but ask anyone if they know about it in Rochester...we bet it's one of ROC's best-kept local secrets! It sits 10-feet away from the coffee shop, is accessible through only one door making its space as private-as-you're-gonna-get-in-public-beyond-bathroom-stall, and the trees, shrubs, and flowers are gorgeous. The best thing: as the owner of your store, you won't even have to maintain it!

3. Buckingham is about to fill the Tower 

c Buckingham Properties

Also within steps of your doors in exactly the opposite direction as the City's project over Broad Street Bridge is the Tower at Midtown project. We've mentioned it several times in our posts - but let's just say this: there's going be about 500 new neighbors (180 new apartments + retail + office space) and they will be hungry and thirsty...soon!

4. Cornerstone Park is ready for its Makeover 

the Rochesteriat

Another project that the City has going is their Cornerstone Park Improvement. Did we mention that this just happens to be across the street? Plans include not only a major (needed) clean-up of the grounds, but also adding brand new plantings and vegetation, replacing and adding new seating/tables/bike racks, and there's talk of a water "feature" in the mix that will replace the old one that used to operate. Hmmm, maybe you can pass out FREE samples to park goers...with the City's permission of course!

5. You're in THE Library! 

the Rochesteriat

Let's not forget that you're in the Central Library of Downtown Rochester! This is one of the most popular libraries (and a beautiful one at that!) in all of Monroe County, given that the 2 buildings in operation are home to over 1 million books, DVDs, newspapers, pieces of art, and other materials. Thousands of people come to the Central Library each year to do research, to participate in specific programming, to learn, to rest and relax, or just get caught up in the nostalgia of being surrounded by great books - and it'll be your job to feed their brains and bellies so that they can accomplish it all.

c Hilton Garden Inn

Think about it: so now you have four immediate areas within, say, oh 100 yards of your business that is either beautiful, will be brought back to life shortly, and/or will be filled with numbers of people in just a short amount of time. You'd also be able to call one of the most popular libraries in the County home. This is a dense area filled with Rochester's tallest skyscrapers, the Convention Center, development happening all around, including the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn that sits on the corner of Main and Stone Streets - all just a stones throw away.

Be a part of history and help us change the city for the better!

Jason2Jason is excited about the neighborhood in question developing. In a few years, this place won't look anything like it does today. Question is, are you going to take advantage of it ahead of the curve? Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook.