Here's 7 Reasons You'll Want to Rochester Parklet


Joe Bean Parklet Ok, so maybe Parklet isn't a verb. Well, at least not yet here in Rochester. In fact, many of us don't even know it as a noun, or what the term actually is.

The official definition of Parklets is described above, and the very first Rochester Parklet is currently in the making. Here's 7 reasons YOU'LL want to Rochester Parklet and get in on the fun.

1. It's Unique In Our City


Stemming from a growing national and international movement to redefine what it means to enjoy the urban space, parklets have been adopted and spearheaded in great cities like San Francisco (credited with the very first, example above), Minneapolis, and Vancouver, BC - amongst many others. A Kickstarter for the very first one to be built in our city recently launched on October 12th, 2015.

The prototype will be located at 1344 University Avenue right in front of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, hence the name Joe Bean Parklet. In what is now a defunct fire lane of asphalt, parked cars, and mostly empty sidewalk space - "will be transformed into public green space that will foster built in seating and bicycle parking through a project rooted in accessibility, sustainability, innovation and superior design." 

2. It's Outdoorsy - and adds Safety

Yes, to many of us urbanites we're not used to seeing much greenery throughout our days. Parklet projects like this one will serve to add a touch of greenery to our everyday lives, especially if your everyday routine includes a cup of java at Joe Bean.

And you know how the saying goes - " have to put more people on the streets to make them safer in the city..." - well, literally, these parklets will put more eyes and ears out onto the streets.

3. It's all about the Collaboration

Joe Bean Parklet

The very definition of Parklets reveals they are community ventures, projects that bring together people, businesses, and local municipalities to create a better living environment for the public.

This first Parklet prototype is a team-effort by Kathy Turiano (Joe Bean Coffee Roasters), Seth Eshelman (Staach), and Benjamin Woelk (Slow Road Consulting).

4. It's Pretty and All-Inclusive

Joe Bean Parklet

Yup, taking spaces that are dull and boring to pretty and practical. Oh, and don't forget useable and open to the public - they're mini-public parks!

5. It's Cheap

We know better that nothing is ever cheap if it's done right. And the design team led by Staach Founder Seth Eshelman is no slouch. Take a look how good Fiorella's looks with his design input. So let me re-state this - it's cheap for you and me to get involved. If you look at the Kickstarter program that recently launched this week, you can get involved for just five dollars - YES, $5! As always, the more you donate to the Kickstarter fund, the more your rewards package will entail.

6. It's Fun

Rachel Elizabeth Ludwig

Yes, you'll have a blast watching this all come together, and it's for your own good to utilize the public space. The Public Parklet t-shirts on the model above are available starting with the $25 contribution level.

Speaking of fun, check out the Reward package the Food Truckie. $500 can get you inside, up close and personal to all of the action. From taking a drive in the Le Petite Poutine Food Truck to the VIP Party in the Parklet, to seeing the filming of history, this will certainly be an extra-special day for you and a partner.

7. It's History

Rachel Elizabeth Ludwig

And speaking of history, this is really history in the making. The very first prototype (assuming successful completion, of course) is set to mark the beginning of a city-wide initiative, led by the city itself, to establish more parklet projects all across the city. The city believes that these parklets should be built to "reflect the diversity and creativity of the people and organizations who have designed it and the project will be fabricated through a public planning process."

Can you think of an area where you live, work, or play/shop/eat that could benefit from something like this? Get involved now to see how it all plays out, and you'll be an expert by the time the city-wide initiative goes LIVE.

More Information Kickstarter Website

Kickstarter Video Credit: Alex Freeman

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