Have You Seen It? Rochester Beer Park


June 1st, 2018 marked the opening of a 3,000sq foot walk/drive-in interior space called the Rochester Beer Park. This is a trailer park-themed bar and food joint that aims to give people a place to relax and enjoy like it's summetime all-year 'round, just like you're at a barbeque in someone's backyard - yes, at a trailer park. 


60 local and domestic draft beers on tap and a large bar area leaves plenty of room and choice for the discerning hops customer. Local hometown brew Genesee is on draft for $2...


...others aren't that far behind. 


With some unique decor throughout the trailer park -


- and plenty of vintage outdoor patio seating - 


- there's even a "backyard" complete with a white picket fence, lawn chairs, picnic tables, and outdoor games to give you the full 'merican dream experience. 


Open 7 days a week from 11am - 2am. 

Find Rochester Beer Park: 375 Averill Ave

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Time to Shop the Markets, the Farmers Markets

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Whether you realize it or not, in this city you are never far from a LOCAL farmers market. Fresh produce, flowers and other goods are always close at hand.

Now, we're all quite familiar with our region's most popular market - the Public Market - but there are a few others we want to make sure you are aware of.

City of Rochester Public Market (website):

Tuesday & Thursday: 6am-1pm (open year-round)
Saturday: 5am-3pm
Sundays & Special Events
280 Union St N.

Westside Farmers Market (website):

Tuesday: 4-7pm (open 6/12-10/9)
831 Genesee Street

U of R Farmers Market (website):

Wednesday: 2:30-5:30pm (open 3/7-10/24)
Check Schedule for U of R Location

Monroe Village Farmers Market (website):

Wednesday: 4-7pm (open 6/13-10/17)
730 Monroe Ave

South Wedge Farmers Market (website):

Thursday: 4-7pm (open 6/7-10/4)
151 Mt Hope Ave

Lakeside Farmer's Market (FB page):

Sundays: 10am-2pm (open 6/10-9/23)
1000 N. River Street

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

So if you're hungry or in need of groceries, figure out what day of the week it is and try out one of these!

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Dinner on the Bridge - After Party

Greentopia's Dinner on the Bridge is back for its 4th year. Not only does this event include a pre-dinner Cocktail Party, a gourmet dinner from The Cub Room on the Pont De Rennes Bridge, followed by auctions, raffles, fireworks, music and dancing at a  After Dinner Party, it's a fundraiser for Greentopia's many programs and initiatives.

New This Year - Go to the After Party!

While the event has always included an After Party, new this year Greentopia is selling a limited number of tickets to just attend the After Party. If the all-inclusive $250 ticket stood in your way before, but you still want to support Greentopia and attend the event, you now can for just $40.

The After Party will feature: massive dessert tables, OPEN BAR for craft beers, wine, signature sangria and signature cocktail, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. You'll also find raffles, a silent auction, and a DJ so you can dance the night away.

To see what previous years have looked like, check out this video from 2016:

See you there?

Event Details:

Thursday, July 12th (rain date: Tuesday, July 17th)
Dinner & After Party: 5-11pm - TICKETS
The After Party: 7:30-11pm - TICKETS

Find Greentopia: Website, Facebook, Twitter

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Center City: the Best Places to Check Out Around the Liberty Pole

 Landmark Society |  Website

Landmark Society | Website

NOTE: This post was originally written on April 1st, 2016 when Fuego was on Liberty Pole Way and Vive Bistro and Victoire were open. We've updated the post, pictures and links:

Rochester's Downtown scene is in a period of rebirth. With new developments (Tower280), renovations (Legacy Tower, The Metropolitan, & The Sibley Building), and existing residential areas (The Temple Building Lofts), you can't deny it's changing - and growing - for the better.

With the Liberty Pole being an iconic landmark of our city, and at what some would argue to be our city's true center, we want you to know what is available. Whether you are a visitor at one of our city's best hotels (Radisson, the Hyatt, and the Hilton Garden Inn), you are a long-time church goer at Grace Road Church located in the Temple Building, a student at the Eastman School of Music, or if you are a newly minted resident in one of the cool lofts, here are the best places to check out when you are around the Pole.

Abilene Bar & Lounge

 Reconnect Rochester |  Website

Reconnect Rochester | Website

Map It: 153 Liberty Pole Way

A quaint little neighborhood bar/live music venue serving up great drinks from a friendly staff. On warmer days enjoy the patio and definitely check it out during Jazz Fest!

Connect with Abilene: website, facebook, twitter

Branca Midtown

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Map It: 280 E. Broad Street

This new restaurant located at Tower280 not only offers authentic Italian Cuisine, but a full Italian Coffee Bar. Pop in for lunch, dinner, cocktails, or even just an espresso.

Connect with Branca: website, facebook, instagram

Drifters L.B.

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Map It: 155 E. Main Street

Steps inside the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown you'll find Drifters Lounge & Bar. Yes, it might be a restaurant in a hotel, but that doesn't matter. For a peek inside check out our post from September, Drifters LB: not your Average Hotel Kitchen.

Connect with Drifters: website, facebook, instagram, twitter

Fuego Coffee Roasters

 Fuego Coffee |  Facebook

Fuego Coffee | Facebook

Map It: 45 Euclid St

Not only is Fuego serving great, in-house roasted, artisanal coffee from around the world, they've recently expanded their shop giving you plenty of space to sip and relax.

Connect with Fuego: website, facebook, instagram, twitter

Java's Cafe

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Map It: 16 Gibbs St.

A long time Rochester favorite, this cafe serves up your favorite lattes and drinks but also great sandwiches, baked goods, granola and more. It's always busy, it's always good.

And while you're at it, check out the calendar for the Eastman School of Music - you never know what free concert might be happening just next door. Or in the warmer weather pop over to Yogen Fruz just across the street.

Connect with Java's: website, facebook, instagram

Press Coffee

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Map It: 480 E. Main Street

Located in a beautiful historic building downtown on E. Main, this coffee shop roasts small batch fair trade coffee. With huge full length windows you can enjoy the views of Main Street over coffee, pastries, sandwiches, fresh squeezed lemonade and more.

Connect with Press: website, facebook, instagram, twitter

Stromboli's Restaurant

 Stromboli's |  Facebook

Stromboli's | Facebook

Map It: 130 East Ave

From their Breakfast Stromboli, to pizza, salad, pasta and more, Stromboli's on East Ave has so many options you won't be able to decide.

Already head to Stromboli's often? Walk just across the street to the recently opened East End Pizza & Deli for something new.

Connect with Stromboli's: website, facebook

Unter Biergarten

Map It: 120 East Ave

In the former home of Victoire, you'll now find Unter Biergarten. Having just opened in February and serving up their Bavarican Cuisine (that is Bavarian/New American), Unter Biergarten has already become a Rochester favorite. Check them out for lunch or dinner and don't miss their selection of Wurst from Swan Market, the Loaded Bavarian Tots, and well, everything else on the menu.

Connect with Unter Biergarten: website, facebook, instagram

Other Areas to Explore

 Rochester Parks |  Website

Rochester Parks | Website

St. Joseph's Park

Just North West of the Pole you'll stumble upon some Rochester History at St. Joseph's Park. This former Catholic Church almost burnt down entirely in 1974 and thankfully the Landmark Society along with the City of Rochester and some other groups and organizations worked hard to restore and preserve what remains. This is perfect for a picnic or an afternoon of exploring.

Map It: Pleasant St & N. Clinton

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Grove Place Neighborhood

Tucked behind the YMCA on E. Main and Press Coffee you'll find Grove Place. If you're looking to "step out" of the city and wander, this is the perfect place. This neighborhood is said to be "the oldest continually occupied residential neighborhood in Downtown Rochester" and we think you'll love it's charm, art, and architecture.

P.S. all of the places listed are around a quarter mile or less from the Liberty Pole - that is definitely walking distance!

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5 Classics to Warm You Up

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Rochester has a lot of great restaurants, it's definitely a good problem to have. Whether it's sunny or snowy, we have no lack of choices around here. In no particular order, here are just 5 of the classics in ROC to get you to forget the snow and enjoy the city, whether it's lunch, dinner, or something in between.

Han Noodle

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Han Noodle is a favorite and we know many others who share our sentiments. They've got the classic Chinese-American dishes, but so many more traditional dishes from various regions of China that it's hard not to want to try something new every time you're there.

"No fusion. No Gimmick. We cook the way we want to eat", Han Noodle.

John's Tex Mex

 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Start with the house fried tortilla chips and salsa, or chips and guacamole, or get salsa and guac, or try the Mexican Mush! Point being? Their chips are delicious. Then move on to tacos, taco salads, burritos, quesodillas and everything else, because... it's all good. John's Tex Mex may be on the smaller size, but their flavors and food options are not.


 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

This Pan Asian eatery is best known for its ramen, and ramen they have. With 5 different ramen bowls on the menu and one soba noodle bowl, you have choices. And even your options have options. Add veggies? You got it. Add chicken or pork belly? No problem. Want your ramen formed into buns and served as a burger? Yes, Furoshiki can even make that dream happen.


 the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Upscale but casual, TRATA is known not only for not only its unique interior (exposed brick, concrete touches, industrial yet cozy feel), but also its extensive food and beverage menus. From healthy to hearty, there's definitely something for everyone - and don't skip dessert!



Can't decide between an enchilada or taco? Get a combo! Looking for something a bit "healthier", try the stuffed avocado. Literally want one of everything? Go a la carte, because you can have what you want. Don't forget the margaritas at Salena's either, you'll want one of those too.

Note: this post was originally written in February 2015 when Victoire was open!

Stefanie is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. She LOVES food of all types and may have been drooling over her keyboard while she wrote this post... Find her with a camera & phone in hand, taking photos for Instagram. Follow along on Twitter.