A Vacation Much Needed...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Every October, Stefanie and I get to the point of needing a vacation. It also happens to be our anniversary month, so it all works out and we LOVE traveling in the fall. A chance to get away, to see outside of Rochester, to renew our sense of place, pride, and passion for our city, especially by seeing how the rest of the world lives. 

This October, Stefanie and I went on a trip across the country - our country. We wanted to drive because we wanted to experience the vastness of the United States in a car and see it firsthand instead of via plane, on TV, or in pictures. 

 So without further adieu, here's the A Vacation Much Needed in picture form. 

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Millenium Park, Chicago, IL


Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD


Crazy Horse Memorial, in Crazy Horse, SD


WeeCasa Tiny Homes, Lyons, Colorado  


You cannot miss the Grand Canyon...


...or hiking in Sedona, AZ!


Our trip took us from New York to California.


After all of our driving explorations and 3867 miles later, we were able to fly home (on JetBlue, of course!) in style - JetBlue's Mint Experience

A view from 36,000ft flying back over what we just drove through. Renting a car and traveling one-way was perfect! We took our time getting to the West Coast and didn't have to drive ALL THE WAY HOME. We definitely recommend it.

Here's to traveling, enjoying our country and then coming back to the place we love and call home - Rochester!

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Launched: ROConnoisseur Web Series!

UPDATE 8/25/17:

Season 1 of ROConnoisseur takes viewers to local must visit destinations for an inside look. Weekly episodes air on YouTube Thursdays at 8pm. ROConnoisseur is a new local food and beverage show walking viewers through the doors and behind the scenes of the area's most notable eateries, breweries, and wineries. You'll never wonder, where to go or what to eat again! (You) can catch the show on the Rochester A-List YouTube Channel. 

See the second episode here

If you haven't heard about ROConnoisseur yet, it's a brand new local food and beverage web series hosted by local foodie, Casey Bowker.

Launch Party: August 17th, 2017 @ jetty at the port

Launch Party: August 17th, 2017 @ jetty at the port

Season 1 kicks off with a Launch Party at Jetty at the Port on August 17th and you’re invited! Be one of the 1st to view the first three episodes of the highly anticipated series. Mingle with some of the must-visit destinations featured in Season 1 while enjoying a tasting experience of signature cocktails, craft beer, Finger Lakes wine, food and dessert delights. Also enjoy live music by local Rochester ska band 5Head.

"We’ve been keeping the locations featured in Season 1 a secret. Find out who they are at the party, but don't share yet. The public wont know until the episodes air. At 7pm, we’ll screen the first three episodes on the big screen (each episode is 5 minutes), and again at 8pm", says Casey.

Party Details:

Purchase pre-sale VIP or Tasting Tickets or get on the guest list (it's free). Tasting tickets will be available at the party while supplies last.  To get tickets or RSVP: ROConnoisseur Launch

More about the show:

ROConnoisseur is a local food and beverage show giving viewers an inside look at our exciting and progressive food and beverage scene. Weekly episodes will air on YouTube Thursdays starting Aug. 17th. Subscribe to the Rochester A-List YouTube Channel or get on the A-List VIP Insider Email List to be the first to know when they air.

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Thank You ESL & Dixon Schwabl for our TV Commercial Debut!

No we weren't competing for Gold in Rio, but maybe you spotted the ESL Business Banking commercial on during the summer Olympics and said to yourself, "Hey, that looks like the Rochesteriat!"? YES, one of the ads featured us, and even Rocky made the spotlight! 

We'd like to send a HUGE shout-out to the teams behind ESL Federal Credit Union and Dixon Schwabl for producing such an awesome feature, and of course for making filming day an extremely memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can't thank them enough for this full 30-second spot! 

Here's the BACKSTORY:

ESL is a HUGE part of the Rochester community and one of the major reasons why we choose to do our personal and business banking with them. For the last few years they have been the main sponsor of the Corn Hill Festival. During the festival last year (2015), we saw the ESL tent, the free snacks and beverages and stopped over to get out of the blazing sun. After meeting a few great employees we headed on our way to enjoy the fest.

On swinging back by the tent as we left, we were approached and asked if we'd be interesting in coming in to share our story of using ESL as our business bank - it sounded like fun and so we did, and this happened.

From there we soon learned that this was a casting call for new TV commercials. Lo and behold, we made it on TV! This was the first ad that ran last fall, 2015, and we were quite excited:

Thank YOU to all the Creatives involved:

Dixon Schwabl

Our Friends:
the Barone Family
Jennifer Caton
Madeleine McQueen and the Breeze
our friends at Glen Edith Coffee Roasters

The Beautiful Rochester Scenery as shot in or near:
The Capron Lofts (inside our home office and rooftop)
Gibbs Street (driving past Eastman School of Music)
Washington Square Park (driving down Court Street)
The Wintergarden (driving down Court Street)
Glen Edith Coffee Roasters (inside the location at Somerton Street)

Here's more scenes look at what that day of filming was like:

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Needless to say, we certainly feel like we won gold at this year's Olympics and we didn't even have to leave our city. 

For more behind the scenes, check out ESL's page about the campaign.

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Oh, the Fringe!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

The First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival kicked off on Thursday, September 15 and will keep Rochester entertained through Saturday, September 24th!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

For the unfamiliar, Fringe cannot be described in only one word: fun, funky, funny, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, musical, original, weird and oh-the-talent!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

From Cirque du Fringe: Miracle Cure, to the sold-out Remote Rochester experience (better luck next year), to many many other free and ticketed shows you will not be disappointed.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Enjoy the SpiegelGarden each night featuring different food trucks and drinks in the Green Room Bar, then sit back and enjoy a free Pedestrian Drive-In Movie. There's so much to take advantage of over next few days.

Fringe is an amazing festival each year and our city and downtown come alive - check out our quick video we made of our experiences so far:

What are you waiting for? Get Fringing!

Rochester Fringe Festival:

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Movies with a Downtown View 2016 - THANK YOU!

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

With our third year behind us co-Producing the Movies with a Downtown View, we want to send a HUGE Thank YOU to all of our sponsors, attendees, and the community-at-large for all of your support. We THANK The Little Theatre for being our co-Producer in all of this, and we hope to continue showing some amazing movies at this beautiful outdoor setting for years to come. 

While our sponsors are numerous and all of them can be found on the past July and August Facebook Events, we do want to call out a few of our major supporters - 

Buckingham Properties

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Buckingham Properties is the Title Sponsor of the Movies with a Downtown View and has been for all 3 years of our existence. Their unending support for our city and downtown is relentless, and we get giddy to see the movie trailers they (Amy Olds) put together each year. "Thanks for Loving Rochester - Enjoy the Movie!" was just perfection for the start of these beautiful nights under the stars.  

The City of Rochester

The City does a lot of the major background work that most people don't realize is really happening. They provide police detail at the perimeter of the park for us, they've supplied the restrooms, refuse, and permits to us, and their DES teams provide a good portion of the clean up services after the events. We can't thank them enough.

Jetblue Airways

Once again, for the third year in a row, Jetblue has provided (2) Round-trip tickets to a very lucky attendee. Sandi Milford - CONGRATULATIONS! - for being the winner of our annual Grand Prize raffle drawing.

It might be based out of New York City, but Jetblue continually proves it is an avid supporter of Western New York and our amazing city, year after year.

Gallina Development

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

We thank Gallina Development for being a Premier Sponsor this year at the MWADV, as they captivated movie-goers with their beautiful renderings on the BIG screen of the Metropolitan Rochester. What better way to people dreaming about the future of Rochester?! Gallina certainly is a huge part of this city's future and we're so excited to have their support. 


the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

ESL is our newest sponsor, having added the MWADV this year to their already numerous list of events, festivals, charities, and causes that they sponsor throughout the Rochester community. Not only were we incredibly lucky enough this year to have ESL sponsor the MWADV, but they also sent staff and their own "Kindness Crew" to hand out gift cards and glow-stick necklaces and bracelets for some very lucky attendees. We are proud of this relationship with ESL for its community-minded values that we share and because their headquarters are right in this very neighborhood downtown - it just makes sense! 

YOU - the Community! 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

We'd like to thank EVERYONE who joined us this year (and the last couple of years), because you all have made these events energetic and fun for us to produce. You are the ones who make this such a chill, unique event where friends, family and neighbors can relax, enjoy a city park together, and support our local vendors all at the same time. 

For those of you who haven't joined us yet, we hope to see you next year - as a supporter, a volunteer, a sponsor, or as an attendee (or all combined!). The MWADV will continue to be FREE for the general public and we know it'll continue to get better and better each year. 

Here's the final recap:

On July 22nd we showed The Sandlot to over 550 attendees. This was the most packed movie night that we had in the three years, and the great weather certainly played a part in that as well as the movie selection. Who doesn't love The Sandlot

On August 19th we played The Perks of being a Wallflower to the tune of over 450 attendees. Like the July event, the weather provided a warm and comfortable evening for all. 

For more information on the MWADV events, please email: jason@therochesteriat.com or call me directly at 585.414.4628.  

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