A Day in the Life: Downtown Rochester


Downtown Rochester We understand that living downtown is not a feasible option for everyone, but for those curious about life downtown and IF it offers enough to make a life downtown - we would like to share... a day in the life: Downtown Rochester.

First, a Place to Live:

Warner Lofts, Downtown Rochester

First, you'll need a place to call home. You'll be surprised by the number of lofts and apartments downtown, with more on the way in Sibley's and Midtown. There's the Temple Building, 44 Exchange, Warner Lofts, and lots of other apartments around, here's the full list.

It's true, downtown has very few options for owner-occupied living spaces and we hope to see this change very soon. Currently there's the Capron Lofts and North Plymouth Terrace.

Good morning:

the Rochesteriat

The way you start your day may be unique to you, but downtown will have an option for everyone. Whether it's working out, grabbing breakfast, or maybe just a quick coffee on the way to work. Downtown has options.

Stop at Chestnut Cafe, Spot, Java's, Craft Cafe, Fina's, Founders Cafe, or one of the dozen other options you have to grab a bite and your caffeine fix on your way to work or on a break.

the Rochesteriat

Maybe you jump start your day differently, try Empire Fitness (formerly Downtown Fitness Club), Harro East Athletic Club, the Elite Training Studio or the Fitness Center at Clinton Court.

Time to Eat:


Maybe you're worried you won't have many options for lunch or dinner out. Fear not, there are enough places to eat that you could try a new place every day for a few months.

He's Chinese, Downtown Rochester

There's Tournedos, Victoire, City Grill, Aunt Rosie's, Byblos Cafe, He's Chinese & Japanese, Hot Rosita's, Vive, Veneto, and Tapas 177, just to name a few and we haven't even mentioned the street carts and food trucks!

Oh no, we're out of...cheese!

the Rochesteriat

Don't worry, realizing on the way home you need milk, butter, pasta, eggs, cheese or anything else to make a delicious meal, you no longer have to leave downtown to get what you need, Hart's Local Grocers has you covered.

the Rochesteriat

And if you want to have it waiting at your door for you when you get home, they deliver!

A little Entertainment:

Geva Theatre

The culture downtown is thriving and there is no void of things to do. Love theatre? Head to Geva Theatre or the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre.

Eastman School, Downtown Rochester

Live music? You're covered. From the RPO to FREE student concerts, the Eastman School concert halls are always booked. There's also Flour City Station, Water Street Music Hall, Abilene, and a number of restaurants that have live music different nights of the week. Maybe just a good ol' movie night, we've got The Little Theatre (oh wait, they also have life music AND a cafe #score).

Quick, I Need a Bank!


Did you know there are 14 bank locations downtown? So if you bank with Chase, ESL, First Niagara, Bank of America, or a handful of others - you're all set.

Enjoy Urban Life:

High Falls

And for all the others reasons to live downtown...

Rundel Library, Downtown Rochester

We have incredible park's (Washington Square Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park just to name two... their names are quite long after all), High Falls, a library, churches and more.

Jazz Fest

Did we mention the Red Wings, Museum of Play, the Jazz Fest, Fringe Fest, or art galleries like RoCo?

Downtown Rochester

This is not, in any way, an all inclusive list. And we hope that over the days and weeks to come, life downtown will continue to improve. To find out more Downtown Rochester happenings, check out RDDC's (Rochester Downtown Development Corporation) website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Stefanie is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. She happens to think life downtown is the bomb diggity and loves walking as many places as she can, at least when it's above freezing. Find her with a camera & phone in hand, taking photos for @theRochesteriat on Instagram. Follow her on Twitter.