#1 - A Luthier On East

We make judgements about everything, every day - about every person we meet and see - whether we know them or not. It's just human nature. This can be said for our city, where suburbanites have err'd in telling us that there's nothing worthwhile in it anymore, and certainly nobody lives there or does life in that place.

We beg to differ. 

You know the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we figure that's a thousand less words that we have to write to get our point across that ours is a city full of amazing talent, vibrancy, and diversity - from all walks of life. So here we have a new installment on the Rochesteriat called Conversation With A Stranger. Produced by local photographer Stephen S. Reardon, this quick post captures a local mug with just a tiny bit of background - but not much else. We'll let the photo speak for itself - and you to make your own judgements.

Conversation With A Stranger #1

Pictured: John Delmonico
Job: Luthier (a maker of stringed instruments such as violins)
Location: Sullivan Violins - 120 East Ave. Rochester

Notice the city around you: 
"I spotted John walking up
(a set of) stairs on East Ave. on a Saturday afternoon. It's not like he was wearing some strange outfit or had some crazy hair that made him stand out of the crowd. It was because he was walking with purpose and all the other hundreds of people were wearing green waiting for the St. Patrick's Day Parade to start. John was going to work." - S. Reardon

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Stephen Reardon, a photographer for over twenty years, has gained much of his professional experience living in Denver & NYC, but these days can be found in Rochester happily creating iconic portraits for the commercial & editorial industry. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.