History in the (Barrel) Making: black button bourbon



We, here at the Rochesteriat, would like to CONGRATULATE the team at Black Button Distilling for their efforts in warming our hearts and bodies here in this cold city. Here is the newest Press Release dated 2/6/14 for this fledgling company:

"Today was a day like many others here in Rochester - cold, cloudy, and windswept. But today was also a day to be remembered in the history of Rochester. Today a small band of tired entrepreneurs dutifully toiling many long and cold nights did something that hasn't been done in Rochester for 94 years. Today the distillers at Black Button Distilling put bourbon in a barrel. This sweet liquor, America's liquid standard bearer, is a simple product of 60% corn, 20% wheat, 8% rye, and 12% malted barley mashed then distilled in pots of stainless steel and copper. These local grains are transformed by the charred planks of American white oak making up the barrels they will call home these next many months. From these barrels we will draw a deeply rich, complex, and powerful spirit when the time is right. We stand in awe of the power that Mother Nature brings to bear on our simple operation and wait with baited breath until the day comes that we can taste the fruits of our labor. Today is a day to be remembered, Rochester. Today was the next step on the journey to our very own Rochester bourbon."

All photos courtesy of Black Button Distilling

Black Button Distilling


Black Button Distilling


Black Button Distilling Bourbon Barrels

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