Brittany Leigh Jewelry: handmade in ROC



Brittany Leigh may be a Charlotte, NC native, but she's a City of ROC transplant! She moved here in January, 2011 for a job with Barbara Heinrich Studio but her true passion is her own jewelry line and creating "things that mean something, for people who are proud of who they are", she said.


After living in our City for 2 years, Brittany decided that since she loved it so much, she would create herself a piece of "Rochester jewelry". She researched the shape of the city and created her first Rochester outline pendant necklace. The feedback she received from family and friends was so great that she started her "City Lines" Collection.

Check it out!

roc outline

What does she love about ROC? The community. She loves meeting other people who love Rochester. "Everything has so much character, it has it's own flair", she mentioned how she loved seeing businesses move into old buildings and re-purpose them and not create "shiny" new developments.


So, she may not be from Rochester, but she's a Rochesteriat now. Her passions and heart for the city make her a perfect fit to be a part of what we're doing: investing in our city. She even just shared her love of Rochester on her own blog!

Do you love where you live and want something pretty to prove it? Check out her collection of neighborhoods:



And guess what, if you love this stuff as much as we do and want to make it your own or gift someone, use the promo code "therochesteriat" on her Etsy shop to have it shipped to you for FREE! Make sure you check out her website first, there are so many options available. If you don't see what you want on the Etsy Shop just send a note to Brittany or request a custom order. You won't be disappointed with this ROC-ing jewelry!

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