The Button Lofts: sneak peek



Button Lofts outside

While most of us currently won't give this building a second look as we pass by on Monroe Ave or zip by on 490 (read: just another dilapidated structure in the city), in only a few months it is most likely that will all change. The reason being is that this is the site for the much anticipated Button Lofts and Townhomes, a project being developed by DHD Ventures, its third renovation of a historical structure in our city (see also 111 on East & rendering for Hilton Garden Inn).

Button Lofts outside 2

The Rochesteriat got a chance to take a brief hard hat tour the other day with Matt Drouin of DHD Ventures, and we certainly found many inspirational spots in all of the construction taking place. But beware, the images you will see here are not pretty condo or New York City style photos…the development isn't done yet, so it takes some imagination to get to the final point. Sometimes you have to creatively look at the "raw-ness" of a project to actually "see" the final product, and with this we were quick to become fans of this evolving development.

Here's a sneak peek inside this development beginning to take shape, and if you're interested in learning more and seeing it for yourself, join in on the Hard Hat Tour coming up on May 10th. If you can't make the event on the 10th, we're sure there will be many more chances to tour the building as the development progresses. We're hoping to have updated photos for you as well. Until then, enjoy!

Button Lofts first floor

Button Lofts shaft

Button Lofts stairwell

Button Lofts peek

Button Lofts stairwell 2

Button Lofts hallway

Button Lofts light

Button Lofts skylights

Button Lofts view

More information: DHD Ventures Button Lofts website  Button Lofts Facebook Hard Hat Tour link

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