Who needs $1 Redbox when you have the Central Library's Media Center?


Central-Library-Media-CenterIf you haven't been to the Central Library in a while, things may look a little different on the first floor.

No, nothing is under lock and key, but there is a brand new media center! It's Phase 1 of some great changes to the library.

Phase1 Once inside you'll find all the music....

library-music ...audio books...

audio-books and DVD's your little heart desires.

movies Why bother with Redbox, just grab a library card and you can take these out for free. There's even a selection of new releases available.

xpress-dvds What else is fun about this new media center? Self-checkouts.


Let's do this:

Made your selection?

make-selection Great. Simply select "Check Out Items" on the screen and scan your library card:

library-card Then just set the DVD, CD, or Audio Book under that glowing blue light (you can even put more than one!) and it will scan your selection(s).

scan Done? Perfect - hit Finish and then ask for a receipt.

finished-library Print the receipt...

print-receipt And you're good to go!

enjoy-rental If you happen to grab something that has a lock (like the music CD's) it will tell you on the screen to unlock the item (you do want to use it at home right?). Simply place the CD lock-end in here:

lock And the machine will unlock it for you.

Ok, done with your what you took out? Simply drop it here and leave.

media-return Going to the library has never been more fun.

Central Library: Website

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