Are You Ready for Your Next Big Project in the City?


Are you ready for your next BIG project in the city? More directly, let me ask, do you have the pockets deep enough to take this one on?

609 Mt. Hope Avenue is a historic home that sits just outside the north edge of Mt. Hope Cemetery in the South Wedge, one of the city’s most popular - and exciting neighborhoods. Although it’s not listed on Landmark Society’s recently announced 2018 Five to Revive, it certainly should be. With historical ties to the famed Barry Family (as in Ellwanger and Barry Nursery), and in fact sitting adjacent to the Ellwanger Estate that now operates as a Bed & Breakfast, your purchase of this home comes with legal deeded access to the Ellwanger Gardens in perpetuity.


Now listed at $420,000, it’s begging for the next Landmark Historian enthusiast to take it on. With over 5,000 sqaure feet of space sitting on nearly an acre of precious city land, this 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath gem was built at the turn of the 20th century and has the signs of aging to prove it.

And sure, most people will be turned off by how much work is needed in this property. But for those who do not let the facade of wear and tear detract them, make no mistake, this property has the potential to, once again, command its rightful place back onto Rochester’s best properties listings.

A few weeks ago, we got a quick peek inside and around the property from listing agent Leah Ferreri, and here’s what we saw:


….the remnants of beautiful landscaping that you can tell is top-notch once well groomed and maintained…


…some additions to the original house that have actually made it bigger over the years, a slate roof, original brick facade, and a gorgeous back-corner porch for relaxing.


Looking for that deeded access to the gardens? There are steps (albeit overgrown with weeds now) that lead to the Ellwanger property right from the backyard…


…and remnants of better times for the property.


Inside the home is a mix of the old with the new…


…but we really liked the wallpaper that still sticks although we’re not sure what relation to the history (if any) it really has.


There are multiple fireplaces in the home (5 or 6, depending on what online listing information you read)…


…hardwoods, beautiful windows, an organ (although the one that used to be there has more of an interesting story that Leah can tell)…


There’s plenty of natural light…


…and even a fully redone attic with separate kitchen, bath, and bedroom facilities for those looking to do some renting or even have a friend or family member live with you.


So what do you say, do you have what it takes to take this beautiful, historic home on?

See the listing here: 609 Mt. Hope

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