Looking For a New Web Series? Here It Is In Local Form

Ok, if you're anything like us, you got rid of cable years ago (yes, we run bunny ears making us privy to 8 FREE channels in our home) and when you do find any time in your schedule to watch TV, you're probably watching Netflix, Hulu, or something on YouTube.

Here's a new web series for you to subscribe to: Dark Justice - written and directed by local producer Mike Gerbino, and stars the local acting talent of Che Halloway and others you may recognize from your very own neighborhood.  

This is a locally shot absurdist satire, about the first black cop to work in an all white police department. 

We're certainly not the first to spread the word on this new series as it has already garnered much attention in the local media, but it has also gained international attention this past January by winning an IndieFEST Film Award for web / internet programming - definitely worth checking out to get behind and support our local talent. 

Keep up the good work all - we all know Rochester makes huge stars when it comes to Hollywood. 

More Information:

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Jason is Co-Founder of the Rochesteriat and wants Dark Justice to come and shoot some scenes around our home and offices in downtown....call us! Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.