Do NOT Hit this BIG, Red Button!


the Rochesteriat While reminiscing about the last year, we stumbled through some photographs we'd taken of ROC360, a guided tour of downtown that was sponsored in part by the D&C's RocNext, the Landmark Society's YUP's, RDDC, and of course CloudSmartz Inc in September. The tour was free and was filled to capacity for both start times, and it was an incredible opportunity to see the city from a different perspective - especially since the tour ended 300 feet above street level in the CloudSmartz offices.

To give you a sense of where we are talking, CloudSmartz Inc now occupies office space in the First Federal Building, one of the tallest buildings here in downtown and arguably one of the most recognizable in our skyline.

the Rochesteriat

This is the one with the spaceship looking' thing on top of it, and tour goers were welcomed with a reception on the 21st floor. Some of you may even know (or recall) that in the late 70's through the late 80's this was the former revolving restaurant called "The Changing Scene".

the Rochesteriat

But as we were looking out over the incredible view...

the Rochesteriat

…we focused in on this BIG, Red Button. What does this button do, we asked? Does it control the future of Rochester? Does it blast the spaceship off from the rest of the building here at First Federal Plaza? Does it make the CloudSmartz offices revolve so everyone gets the same view in a day's time? Should someone put a locked enclosure around it to keep the CloudSmartz employees, and quite possibly our city, safe?

the Rochesteriat

We didn't get any answers on this BIG, Red Button that evening in September. Needless to say, we'd still like to know what this button controls, what's its purpose, or what was it used for in the past? These are the deep, pressing questions we'd like answered to start our 2015 off on the right foot.

If you have any information regarding this BIG, Red Button at the CloudSmartz offices, or if you've ever seen the UFO top of the First Federal Building blast off, please let us know. We think this BIG, Red Button may just have control over our entire city.

Jason2Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. Yes, he believes in UFO's...who doesn't? Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook