Buy Your Dunwoody Campaign Pins HERE!

Shawn Dunwoody is a good friend, an Outfit Collective member and partner, and someone we've collaborated on a couple of community projects, the most recent having been the murals near the Capron Street Lofts back in June of 2016 (see below).

We have a limited number of Shawn Dunwoody campaign pins to sell to our readers. All proceeds go to Shawn's campaign run for City Council in the upcoming November election. Check out his official campaign website

You know Shawn from various projects around town including: The Fruit Belt Project, Fashion Week of Rochester, and even coordinating and creating beautiful artwork all over the city. 

The large pin measures 2.5"x3" made of a beautiful, light wood.  
Price: $25, FREE Shipping!
Promo Code: supportdunwoody

The small pin is 1.25"x2.25" made of a beautiful, light wood. 
Price: $15, FREE Shipping!
Promo Code: supportdunwoody

All proceeds go directly to supporting Shawn and his 2017 campaign for City Council, we are excited to see so many younger candidates this year for City Council. Pins will be mailed First Class and most orders should arrive within 2-4 business days after purchase. 

Check out the SHOP for all the details! 

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