Emerson & Oliver's Dia Bracelets: roc city skatepark limited edition sets


One of our major goals here at the Rochesteriat is to give back to the city, to our community, in any way we can make possible. We feel that businesses that also share the love of this city are certainly friend's of ours. This is where Emerson & Oliver comes in.

Owners Mary Presutti-Porter and Laura Bascomb-Werth have been best friends for over 20 years, and with their newly redesigned website, you can see more of their story here. And while Mary and Laura have a great story to tell about their business, what caught our eyes is their passion for a particular project in downtown Rochester - the Roc City SkatePark. To show their support, they are selling a Limited Edition Dia Bracelet with 60% of the proceeds going to the project. Take a look at their creations, the first has the skateboard charm on it, and the second has the bike charm.




In a statement from Mary:

"...we support Rochester and only want the best for our hometown. The skatepark is a great way to bring the community together. It's more than just a skatepark, it is a safe place for everyone to enjoy. Laura and I grew up in the suburbs always wishing there was a place we could go to in the city that was safe and had a little something for everyone. It didn't need to be fancy, just somewhere where we could go to be social!! This skatepark will be that and much much more! People stay out of trouble when they have somewhere to be."



To buy your very own Dia Bracelet and help support development in our city, click here.

Also available for purchase in store at: Thread Gallery Salon & Spa

If you are unclear as to where in the city the Roc City SkatePark is slated to be built, check this video out:

For more information:

Emerson & Oliver

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