Even MORE Reasons YOU Should Be Flying JetBlue

It's been a while since I've written about the good ol' "BlueJet". No, they don't pay me to write these articles for them. Well, actually, they do pay me because I've worked for them as part of their Inflight Crew for the last 13 years...they just don't pay me specifically for the articles. So in the spirit of disclosure, none of this is sponsored content - just pure love for the team. 

It should come as no surprise that I have some major bias in my preference for air carriers. And for good reason: I've written about the FREE snacks, beverages, TV's, and Dunkin' Donuts coffee in "10 Reasons:why". Then in 2014 I wrote about the new MINT service. And for the 3rd year in a row, they've been the Official Airline sponsor of our local Movies with a Downtown View

It can be argued that JetBlue is the BEST airline flying out of the Greater Rochester Airport - much less anywhere in the country. But competition is fierce in this industry, so an airline must continually improve in order to stay viable. It's good for all of us as passengers. So here's Even MORE Reasons Why YOU Should be Flying JetBlue.

Gate to Gate Wi-Fi: FREE & Fast

FREE Gate to gate Fly-Fi . Nope, you don't have to pay-per-hour. Heck, you don't pay for it at all. It's the new proprietary wi-fi product that JetBlue installed on ALL of its aircraft that is available (domestic flights) immediately when you step aboard the aircraft. Yes, even the ones that fly out of Rochester. You don't have to worry about flying a feeder carrier where the service and offerings are minimal just because you're flying into or out of a smaller airport. What are we, not good enough here in ROC?

And the best thing about the Fly-Fi? It's actual broadband internet. Go ahead, watch your Netflix, YouTube videos, download files, text, Skype, FaceTime, email, chat....oh wait, do you even care that there's Live TV anymore?

FREE Movies, Entertainment Systems

FREE: Snacks, beverages, Live TV,  Sirius Satellite radio. And now the movies?!

Yes - FREE movies on all flights 2+hours. No need to swipe your credit card anymore, and they're new release movies, too! Traveling somewhere soon? Check out the MOVIES section of JetBlue's website for what's playing this month. 

Even better, JetBlue's newest aircraft are being installed with larger, touchscreen TV's which enhance the movie experience by giving you, the passenger, the opportunity to start, pause, and rewind movies throughout the entire flight.

Tip: Bring your own headset for a better entertainment experience.

Supporting America - Mobile, Alabama

Many people know that JetBlue has been different from the start with its longstanding relationship with Airbus. Bigger, more spacious interiors makes for a more comfortable ride for you, the passenger.

And now, Airbus has added an American manufacturing plant in Mobile, Alabama where many of the new aircraft are being built and delivered from. Did you see that the current order of planes for JetBlue stands at 116? READ: planes don't make money sitting idle, so that's a lot of growth and additional destinations to fill in. 

Could big changes be coming in the near future?

The first to Cuba

Did you know JetBlue was the very first U.S. passenger airline to operate a commercial flight to Cuba in 50 years? Well, no time to rest on those laurels because we certainly aren't the only airline now providing service to multiple cities to the island.

Even though it is still technically illegal for American tourists to travel to Cuba without a good reason, I say try to get there quickly to enjoy the vintage-Cuban-look before the island becomes a redeveloped, commercial playground tainted by the tourism industry.

To find out what entry requirements are needed to travel to Cuba, check out the U.S. Embassy's webpage

Changes to a Historically Significant Landmark

Something is finally being made of the former TWA Terminal in New York City.

Being that this building sits directly in front of JetBlue's Terminal 5 at JFK, JetBlue is partnered with the Port Authority of NYNJ and MCR Development to redevelop the landmark into a grand hotel with 500+ guest rooms, 40,000 square-feet of event and meeting space, and a 10,000 square-foot observation deck. 

Construction is underway and the timeline has the opening set for late 2018. 

Of Course, the Rochester Views!

Look at that view! Yes, that's Rochester. I swear you can't get that from just ANY airline when the future looks so promising. Also remember, this article doesn't even take into consideration the 12 consecutive years of reaching the highest level in J.D. Power rankings. 

Let's recap here: With all that's happening - updated Inflight entertainment sytems, MINT Service, more orders for new (long-haul) planes, Fly-Fi, a hotel on the horizon at JFK - and even the newly added International Wing of Terminal 5 - can't you see something bigger on the horizon? Can you tell what that is? Could JetBlue expand the flying outside of North and South America soon, possibly "across the pond"? 

I don't have any specific information to share, but I will be sure to keep you updated on the progress as it comes available. 

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat. JetBlue is turning up the heat in the industry and becoming quite the player in not only the domestic market, but internationally as well. Have you been aboard lately? You don't want to miss all the action...Join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.