EvenOdd Creative: reusing the unusable


Rochester is a hub of creativity and one cannot deny this when they meet the founders and visionaries behind EvenOdd Creative. Ashley and Liza say they stumbled upon the idea for this business and we're glad they stuck with it. EvenOdd sign EvenOdd is the place to look for unique, handmade, upcycled accessories. What's their medium? Bicycle inner tubes!

Bike Inner Tubes After a good wash in a washing machine, they are cut, sown together, and made into incredible things.

Cut Inner Tubes Creating EvenOdd The Process No mass production here, just true talent, creativity, and hard work!

Handmade at EvenOdd The inner tubes come from local establishments and instead of being thrown away, they are given new life:

Keychain WalletsPorter Messenger Bag Everything found here has an urban, rugged, "big city" feel. And because of the unique markings on each inner tubes, no two pieces are exactly alike. You'll never believe how soft and durable these pieces of wearable art are until you see them for yourself!

Merchandise Wall Did we mention the bags made from recycled vinyl signs as well?

Vinyl Sign Bags If you're looking for something to fit your lifestyle and you just haven't found it yet, look no further!

And though it may seem daunting at first to find them, it's not hard. Once you arrive at The Hungerford, enter door 2 and head to the 3rd floor!

Hungerford Urban Artisans Simply follow the signs from here!

EvenOdd Directions And don't be shy...

Enter 321

If you stop in during the week, you may even get to meet Benson!

Benson Looking for more information on stopping by their studio to look or make a purchase? Check out the details on their website. You can also order directly from the site.

So head on over, tell them we said hi, and get to know the ladies and team behind EvenOdd!

EvenOdd Creative: http://evenoddcreative.com/

Phone: 585.201.8262 Email: info@evenoddcreative.com

Address: 1115 East Main St. Suite 321, Door 2, 3rd Floor Rochester, NY 14609

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