Fashion Week of Rochester - our city's most premier fashion week


Fashion Week Rochester Launch If you have never been to a Fashion Week of Rochester event before, you're going to want to change that this time around. This year promises some of the coolest, most unique city venues around. Think it's way too exclusive for your taste? Not even close. While most Fashion Weeks around the globe err on the side of exclusivity, FWR events are proud to be open and inclusive for the whole community to take part of. From the FWR website:

"Most fashion weeks are exclusive and impossible for the general public to attend. Seats at NYC Fashion Week are reserved for celebrities and a list of who's who. Fashion week of Rochester is the exact opposite. Although it is a glamorous, exciting, and an amazingly inspiring event, it is something that the whole community can enjoy. It is because of this vibe that we feel we have been so successful."

On the other hand, don't let the all-inclusiveness cloud your judgement of how Fashion Week really is in Rochester - this IS the city's most premier statement of exciting textile designs, beautiful models, and of course the coolest venues - all for a great cause. Check out this video shoot in The Sibley's Tea Room, one of the fashion show venues, and go to the website to learn more and buy your tickets now.

More information: Fashion Week Website Facebook Page