Forget Manhattanhenge, this is EastAvenHenge


the Rochesteriat You've heard about Manhattanhenge - the popular phenomenon where you can view the sunset down the east-west street grid in Manhattan during summer solstice alignment dates. Without doubt, this is cool. But we may have something far better -

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While walking along East Avenue (near the East Ave Wegmans) just after 7:30p last night, August 28th, we noticed the beautiful setting sun to the west...

the Rochesteriat

...and the gorgeous, bright moon rising directly in the east. And while the moon was 98% full last night, viewers will get a treat this weekend (if the skies remain clear) as the full moon is scheduled for tonight and you'll get a 99% almost-full-moon on Sunday evening. Keep in mind this happens in the timeframe 7:30p - 7:45p.

We'll just call this EastAvenHenge.

Get out, take a walk, go for an evening run - these are the moments we love in our city.

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