Friday at the Fringe



(The following is a guest post from Tom Biuso, a Rochesteriat Fringe blog contributor. All photos courtesy Tom Biuso.)

The First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival has provided an experience to a community that so desperately needed a boost in morale and lift in spirits. After weeks of terrible news and series of unfortunate events, Friday on the Fringe left all in attendance inspired. Inspired to live their lives filled with expression, creativity, imagination and interaction. As I weaved my way through the crowd at Circus Orange to snap some photos, I couldn’t find one face that wasn’t cemented with a smile. Come follow me on my exquisite journey that is Friday at the Fringe!

Starting Off

Photo 1 I started my quest appropriately at Java’s Café. I was compelled to return here and energize with a delicious “All-nighter”. Local band Grey Light set up shop and jammed some dynamite tunes. Each song brought something a little different to the table, but they always seemed to reflect their signature soulful sound. The vibes in Java’s left me feeling excellent and I took off to Manhattan Square Bowl.

Photo 2 Younger Gang was on stage and had the crowd groovin’ with some energetic bluegrass!

Photo 3 Photo 4 The long line of food trucks and vendors provided plenty of delicious options for people to choose from as they meandered around the fringe footprint.

Photo 5 Taking this moment to recognize all of the volunteers, security, EMS and law enforcement for their service at the fringe festival. Having them present enhances the quality of everyone’s experience.

Circus Orange

Photo 6 This gnarly tricycle was parked in plain sight and the anticipation could be felt in the air. This beast of a machine was like a sedated bear in hibernation; right on the verge of awakening with a fierce slumber hunger.

The sun had set and the show took an explosive start! While filled with high energy, the theatrics of the show were that of an eerie science experiment that involved lucid dreaming about circus clowns and fire dancers. It was an absolutely mind bending event.

Photo 9 Photo 10 The tricycle started its engine and made its way through the crowd in a majestic fashion while talented performers promenaded alongside of it.

Photo 11Photo 12Photo 13Photo 14Photo 16 Meanwhile, sparks were flying and flames were blazing. The heat that radiated from the flames was an enjoyable intensity that made you feel alive. However, the improvised noises of the tricycle clown Capitan kept you in the outlandish dream state of mind.

Photo 17 The brigade of crazy characters made their way to the stage and continued to incorporate crazy pyrotechnics into their performance when all of the sudden, the front wheel of the tricycle began to levitate into the air. It caught fire and began to spin and spark! The human hamster inside of the wheel performed crazy acrobatics 60 feet above solid ground while fireworks and explosives filled the sky around him. It was nutty to say the least (see the video here)!

Photo 18 Photo 19 Circus Orange exceeded my expectations and allowed me to get away from the world’s typicality and despair for a while. I am grateful to have witnessed such a special event.

After Party

As I made my way back to One Fringe Place, I encountered some drummers on Gibbs Street that kept the energy alive! I happily bopped my way passed Eastman School of Music and into the Spiegelgarden.

Photo 20

I arrived at the Spiegelgarden only to find a mini tent next to the magnificent Spiegeltent filled with the ladies of Bushwhacked, Abby DeVuyst and Kerry Young. It seemed as though everybody was having a blast with the hilarious improv comedy!

Photo 21 Photo 22

Further into the venue, I stumbled across an interactive-human-cowboy-statue followed by some folks warming up by one of the several flame stations in the garden.

Photo 23 Photo 24

Deeper into the Spiegelgarden I could hear some wonderful reggae music. I followed it and found FuturPointe Dance and Carrie Mateosian: Unbridled. Images of the two performers were projected on an accompanying screen. It was an evolving art piece that incorporated much talent and creative flavor.

Photo 25

I popped my head into the Spiegeltent before the beginning of Cirque du Fringe and manage to a snap a sweet panoramic of the inside featuring Tyler of the 20 penny circus. Having seen the show the night before, I knew these folks were in for a treat.

Photo 26

Photo 27 A crowd gathered outside of the Spiegeltent when cirque du fringe ended because the silent disco was soon to begin!

Photo 28 As soon as people grabbed their headphones, they flipped on they channel of their choosing and boogied on! People danced their tails off and had an all around great time! You could hear them singing the tunes in pure bliss the minute you took your headphones off. The shuffling of dancing feet, singing and laughter was the soundtrack to the silent disco. It was a great way to end a spectacular night!

Photo 29

Tom is a communication student in his senior year at The College of Brockport. An avid concert goer and lover of live music. He is an intern for the Fringe and helps to maintain their social media presence. You can check out more of Tom on twitter (@TomBiuso) and Instagram (@tombiusojr).