Get Your Official MWADV Poster of 2016!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Did you just LOVE this year's Movies with a Downtown View? We're so glad you joined us and can't thank you enough. 

Wait, what!? - You didn't get the chance to attend this year? You can still help us out with an Official MWADV poster purchase! 

If you'd like to purchase a memento from this year's beautiful evenings under the stars events, there are Official MWADV posters available on our SHOP. All proceeds from the sales will towards future programming as we keep this popular event FREE and open to the public for years to come. 

We thank Tony Zanni of Type High Letterpress for his amazing artwork, printing, and collaboration on this project. 

Do you have an idea or recommendation for next year's events? Is there a particular movie you'd like to suggest, or have an idea for programming that you'd like to see at the events? Email us at - we're always open to suggestions and wanting to make the MWADV as best it can be for the community.