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Henry Avignon

The Rochesteriat has teamed up with Margot Muto Contemporary Art to bring about an exciting chance for our city to stand behind and show our support for one of our renowned local artists, Henry Avignon. Henry has entered into the 5th Annual EXPOSURE Photography Contest in NYC, and by voting for his artwork we can help bring this small-city artist to the forefront of an international scene. As you can imagine, this is no small feat for an artist in a city the size of Rochester. WE NEED YOUR HELP with this contest and YOU COULD WIN A 1st EDITION, SIGNED AND FRAMED PIECE FROM HENRY!


Step 1: go to his EXPOSURE LINK (NOTE: you will have to create a free account, takes 1 minute) - and VOTE for Henry's artwork!

Step 2: Sign up for the Rochesteriat weekly email on our homepage, OR, tweet @theRochesteriat and make sure to include the hashtag, #henryavignon. We must get either of these, the weekly email subscription or tweet (or both!) so we have a record of your vote to be entered into our contest. If you vote and want to be entered in the raffle, but  already receive our weekly email and are NOT on twitter, just shoot us an email or Facebook message and let us know!

DRAWINGS & AWARDS: Henry Avignon has generously offered his photographic works to be raffled off accordingly  - the prints will be either 16x20 or 18x24, all signed and framed, 1st edition pieces. These prints have an estimated market value of between $850 - $1200.

To see a sample of Henry's work, click his Viewbook.

There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest. Due to the voting nature of this contest, Henry Avignon has reserved the right to choose the artworks awarded for prizes and the right to award prizes or not. We, at the Rochesteriat, are not responsible for the artworks chosen, the delivery of the artwork, or any suspension of the contest. Each winner will have to coordinate with Henry's agent to claim any awarded art piece; the Rochesteriat will contact winners with the pertinent follow up information.

If there is/are winner(s), they will be chosen randomly, from the email records or tweets we receive for the contest. The final day of voting is March 26th. The winner(s) will be announced in the Rochesteriat weekly email Friday March 27th, on the Rochesteriat social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), and we will be contacting the winner(s) in person as well, to coordinate pick-up dates.


Henry Avignon - According to his agent, Margot Muto Contemporary Art in Rochester, "Avignon's work is an alchemy of painting, photography, and printmaking, an innovative process of creation that produces a resulting art object as a digital archival print on hahnemühle 350 gsm museum etch paper." 

Henry has exhibited his works in Rochester, Paris, and most recently, at the Ceres Gallery in the Chelsea Arts District in New York City. He is fervently supported by Richard Sands, Chairman of Constellation Brands, and his wife Jennifer (see endorsement letter).

Avignon was honored for his 26-piece The New Town Collection: A Gift of Hope that was originally displayed here at our city's AXOM Gallery in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. Richard and Jennifer Sands financed the production of the first edition collection that was sent to each of the families of the victims in the senseless shooting. The fundraiser at AXOM Gallery raised enough money to produce the second edition collection to be gifted to the community at-large, which led to it being chosen, out of over 10,000 submissions, as the selected commission to be used as the permanent memorial at the Newtown Town Hall.

You may have seen his work around the city of Rochester and didn't even know it. A few examples include:

Adorning the walls of Nikko Restaurant - 1 Capron Street Nikko Avignon Art

At the front desk of the Strathallan - a Hilton Hotel - 550 East Avenue Strathallan Avignon Art

Inside most rooms and lobby at East Avenue Inn & Suites - 384 East Avenue 384 East Ave - Avignon Art

Henry's Paris Show:

Exposure 2014 Photography Contest:

Henry Avignon - Viewbook || MMCA || Endorsement Letter Agent - Margot Muto Contemporary Art Exposure 2014 Photography Contest D&C Newtown Article USA Today Newtown Article

For more information regarding this contest or Henry Avignon's works, please contact:

Margot Muto, Owner MMCA, Agent - Henry Avignon 585.732.5884

Jason Schwingle, co-Founder, the Rochesteriat 585.414.4628