From the office: THIS IS YOUR LIFE...

As we wind down the year, many of us start thinking about what next year is going to look like, what we're going to be doing, what we'd LIKE to be doing, and how we're gonna make it happen. 

Although not in any way associated or made in Rochester, one of the things that inspires our team every day is the Holstee Manifesto poster we have hanging in our office, the Outfit Collective. If you think about it, Rochester and the home of the Manifesto (Brooklyn) have a lot in common: up until recent times, neighborhoods in these two cities were dilapidated, run down areas that have been reinvigorated with new energy and creative passion from people refusing to give up. 

There's really not much to say here - just read the words and get thinking about how you want 2017 to be different than any other year before it.

And make sure to keep up with us at the Outfit Collective as we continue to work on our beloved city of Rochester. 

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and Director of the Outfit Collective. Get inspired this coming year and make some changes to your life. Join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.