Austin: keepin' it weird


Keep Austin Weird is not just some haphazard slogan for the city, it's a way of life. If you're in Austin, Texas, even pulling up next to a gas station in can be an experience. Food Park's can be found all over the city. photo-9

With a style all their own, Austinites as they're called, make it known that this is an everyday experience.Austin10

With development happening in downtown and investment a priority inside city limits -  Austin!

this is a city that has made the uncool, cool - (yes, that's a re-purposed steel public restroom) AustinB

and found out how to utilize its natural resources to the best of its ability. AustinD

So here at the Rochesteriat we ask, "What is Rochester's way of making things cool again, and, how can we utilize our natural surroundings to the best of our abilities?...

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