MEGABUS: a true double-decker experience




Looking to get out of Rochester's Polar Vortex Freeze for a bit but think it's too expensive to travel anywhere? Think again, because Megabus wants to help. Megabus operates the brightly colored double-decker buses that drive right through our city and pick-up and drop off in an obscure location. They advertise fares as low as $1, point to point, yet we have only seen fares as low as $5 from Rochester to NYC. Still, considering the cost of a train ride or an airplane ticket today, $5 seems like a lucky ticket to the promised land these days in the ever-getting-more-expensive travel industry.

Climb onboard, and you'll notice it's your choice of either a lower cabin -

Inside Megabus

Inside Megabus

- or an upper cabin experience.


The buses are spacious and offer comfortable seating affording you with large, expansive windows and almost an unobstructed view while you relax on your ride out of town.


All buses offer free Wi Fi -

Wifi onboard

- and power outlets at every seat bank!

power outlets

There are even little televisions in the overhead aisles (like on many older planes) that give you a welcoming message and something to watch even if you didn't bring your own entertainment.


And did we mention the obscure locations for pick-up and drop-off? Ah yes. We imagine that in order to provide for such low fares, and to keep the overhead expenses to a minimum, we cannot expect to be carted to and from a grand bus terminal with all the bells and whistles. In fact, here in Rochester, the terminal is quite simply a parking lot. Yes, a simple parking lot at the corner of Pitkin Street between East Broad Street and Savannah Street. Just keep this in mind and your expectations in check as you buy your cheap ticket.

So the next time you see a big, brightly colored double-decker bus roll through town (with a big smiling attendant on the back greeting you!), give it a second thought. Take a nap, surf the internet, watch TV, or just watch out the big windows - this just might be well worth looking into for a comfortable ride out of town.

Looking at the bus

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