Metaphorically Speaking of Course!


At the office of the Rochesteriat, we do a lot of research trying to find what's interesting, exciting, new, old, unique and everything else on the spectrum of interest here in our city. Of course, that includes what's on the local - as former President Bush would say - internets.

Just recently, I was sifting through some Youtube video's on the High Falls area when all of sudden, a most interesting video popped up…then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, two more videos on our city's unique treasures were closely related...

Some of you may or may not have seen the recent ad campaign that Rochester Appliance came out with utilizing some of our city's most beloved treasures as the backdrop (and even used as props). Our good friend, Pete Wayner, aka "R.A. Suave", is the star in these spots and provides a unique, comical, and witty play on these local faves to the camera. Sorry ladies, unfortunately he is taken (to another one of our fave persons, Leah), and many kudos to him as he does an amazing job as The Little Theatre's PR and Marketing Coordinator for his full-time job.

Pete and I sat down this past summer to make an introduction video for the Movies with a Downtown View (that never aired), and I remember thinking, this guy's a pro on camera…and now I know why.

We were just excited to see our city and some good humor, together, take a look -

Metaphorically speaking…"not at all like High Falls…people go there."

Metaphorically speaking…"a lot like Rochester's Subway…lower than everywhere else."

Metaphorically speaking…"a lot like another Rochesterian treasure, the garbage plate." - at Corn Hill Landing.

Just in case you were wondering, the Rochesteriat was NOT approached by Rochester Appliance to advertise these videos on our site, nor have we ever talked with their team. And, while they have a long history of serving the city from their main office in Henrietta, unless they move to the city anytime soon (READ - move headquarters to the city!), you won't see them on the Rochesteriat. So we were faced with the difficult task of trying to fit these creatively assembled videos on our site from a suburbanized company.

And then it hit us - R.A. Suave just happens to celebrate his birthday on October 31st. So, while most of the country is only celebrating Halloween, here in our city we have R.A. Suave's birthday to celebrate too….

So here's our way of sending out a birthday shout-out to a good friend of ours...Happy Birthday Bud! Thank you for all of your hard work, and thank you for your work to make our city better...

...Metaphorically Speaking of Course!