1975: all things wild and free



If you've had your eyes open driving through Rochester in recent years, it's no doubt that you have you seen Mr. Prvrt's creativity splashed about…from Wall Therapy 2013, the Harman Flooring Building across from the Public Market, and even - dare we say - out at Mendon Ponds Park. You might not have necessarily known it was this named artist, but the artwork is certainly recognizable and very interesting.

So if you are intrigued in learning more about Mr. Prvrt, his style, and what inspires him, there is less than one week left to enjoy his very first solo show of over 30 pieces at 1975 Gallery. Many of you may know the area that gallery resides in as it is close to Restaurant 2 Vine and where the much anticipated Hart's Grocers will open in a few weeks.

If you're a fan of Mr. Prvrt's work, if you love animals and are energized "…by imaginative classics such as Princess Mononoke, The Secret of Nimh, and Watership Down…", or if you want to start or keep adding pieces to your collection of local artists, stop by the show running now until Saturday, March 29th.

http://vimeo.com/88084101 Video: Courtesy of 1975 Gallery

Mr. Prvrt and 1975 Gallery have dedicated a portion of sale proceeds of works to benefit Wild Wings, a non-profit here in Rochester dedicated to the wildlife conservation of birds of prey.

For More Information: Mr. Prvrt 1975 Gallery Wild Wings

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