MWADV @ The Hyatt - Postponed


If you missed your chance to purchase tickets to our SOLD OUT 5 Year Movies With a Downtown View Celebration movie night at the Hyatt, you just might get a second chance.

Last night (6/5/18), we were all set up and ready to go when it started to pour. Since A/V equipment and storms don't mix, we had to make the decision to cancel the event.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

But, we are currently working with the Hyatt to get this back on the calendar... we will make it happen! We're already thinking of ways to make the event even better, as we watch Office Space at the Center City Terrace + Lounge.

**UPDATE! We've just set our rain date at the Hyatt to be Thursday, August 2nd! Keep an eye on the Washington Square Park Community Associations website and Facebook Page as ticket sales will go live on Monday, July 16th at 5pm.

For more information about all of our movie nights, check out our recent post:

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