Here's Why NextCorps at Sibley's is a Little Different

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

NextCorps (formally High Tech Rochester) at Sibley's is now OPEN! Taking the best of the past and reigniting it with the future of Rochester, NextCorps is central to the development of the city, the region, and the bright stars of tomorrow. Literally central, this place is located in the heart of the urban hub at Sibley Square in downtown Rochester. Here's what makes NextCorps at Sibley's a Little Different.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

The front desk is sleek, modern, and well-lit...


...the furniture is reminiscent of Mad Men and has a mid-century vibe to it, with accents of modern lighting handing around and bright-colors at various points for that splash of energy that all entrepreneur's deserve during the day. 


Speaking of a splash of color, the Nate Hodge mural in the cafe/common space adds a touch of local Rochester artistry...


...and the common area cafe provides access to coffee, tea, vending machines, microwaves, and a refrigerator.

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

With open floor plans for co-working, you won't feel like your working right on top of someone or someone else's business...


....and an outdoor deck for a breath of fresh air and sunshine when you need it, for those views to the south (featuring Xerox Tower, Legacy Tower, and the Sibley old clock tower)...

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

...and plenty of windows to look out for other view of our city (St. Joseph's Park in the near distance). 


And speaking of sunshine, there's plenty of it that pours in throughout the day* so you don't feel like you're trapped in a dungeon. (*when there is sunshine to be had in Rochester.) 


Need to some privacy for that phone call? Take a sound proof booth...

...need some play time? Unwind with your colleagues with some pool. Are you looking for space and some resources to help get your start-up off the ground? Maybe NextCorps is for you.

Learn More about NextCorps: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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