On a More Personal Note for this Fourth of July...

As we get ready to celebrate our great country's Independence and Birthday this long weekend, we reflect on the energy, ambition, and hard work of our ancestors, forefathers, and family lines that took this from a baby nation to becoming the BEST nation in the world to live in. 

You all know we talk of how incredible our city is (all the time!), and we know that our city is only one of the numerous places throughout this country that makes the United States the amazing place it is today. But this does not happen without people - because without people, the United States (or any other country for that matter) is just land, water, and air. 

You may know that Stefanie and I have our beginning roots in the city, having either been born here (Stefanie) or grown up here in the city (both of us). Both of our families are made up of hard-working entrepreneurs, former Kodak'ians, former City Police Officers, airport employees and many other things that continue to serve this city. 

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

On a more specific level, I'd like to send a shout out and CONGRATS to Denis Contant of Fab-Weld Corp over in the Edgerton Neighborhood of the city. Denis (Stefanie's Uncle) has purchased the business from his father (Stefanie's grandfather), which will continue on the family legacy in our city serving the Northwest section of Rochester. Roger Contant built this business over 50 years ago, and has remained a committed, and active participant in our city's rich fabric of entrepreneurs. Their motto at Fab-Weld: Great Service at a Fair Price!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Just like the immigrants who've helped build this country into a world superpower, the Contant family came to Rochester over a half-century ago from neighboring Canada, and they are part of the inspirational force behind why we are so committed to our city, to our country. 

Together we all have to work hard to make this place a better place to be. Whether that's in LA, NYC, or little old Rochester, we're all a part of this wonderful thing called the United States that just so happens to be the best place to live around the globe.

I guess it's a new beginning (and birthday!) for Fab-Weld as Denis takes over, so stop in and say hi if you get the chance. And hopefully you get a chance at some point this long Holiday weekend to reflect on how our ancestors have impacted how great we have it here in America. 

Happy Fourth! 

Fab-Weld Corp
280 Dewey Ave
Rochester, NY 14608

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