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The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

At the end of each year and the beginning of the new one, we (Jason & Stefanie) always take some time to reflect and look ahead.

When we launched the Rochesteriat (coming up on 5 years!) we had a goal to write about all of the positive and great things happening within the city limits of Rochester - that goal has never changed. We're proud to be a positive light for what's happening in the city.

The Rochesteriat |  Fahsye Mug

The Rochesteriat | Fahsye Mug

When we started this site, it was our only "passion project", but since then it's expanded to Movies With a Downtown View, the Washington Square Park Community Association, our coming soon business - MetroPops, and so much more! We wrote about some of these things in our 2017 is Done! Let's Look Back post if you haven't seen it yet. As we dig into this new year, we wanted to share some behind the scenes info...

Our Professional Goals for 2018


the Rochesteriat is here to stay. Even as our time is spread among other things our goal is to continue to produce fresh content, keep our Events Page up-to-date and continue to produce our Weekly Email. Our new posts may not be weekly, but we're not going anyway and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!


Our biggest goal for 2018 is to launch MetroPops! The idea for MetroPops came from a desire to help local businesses in Rochester and see more people support local. MetroPops is a deal site focusing on the best LOCAL places to eat and drink, experience and enjoy.  We accomplished a lot in 2017, but there's still so much to do - (again, check out our 2017 is Done! Let's Look Back post for more info).

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Movies With a Downtown View is celebrating 5 years this summer and we could not be more thrilled. We have some exciting things in the mix for this year that may or may not include more than 2 movie nights. Stay tuned for the dates and all the deets!


Lastly, and on a broader perspective with the WSPCA, we're beginning a focused look at Washington Square Park and how we can make some much needed changes to it. There are a lot positive things happening in Center City, and we want to make sure we do our part by making our neighborhood and park the best  it can be. Work will begin shortly as we partner up with Community Design Center Rochester through a series of discussions, meetings, and events that include a public charrette, hiring a professional landscape designer, and developing plans for the near future and beyond. 

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

We're looking forward to a great year and hope you continue to follow along with the Rochesteriat, stay tuned for MetroPops and join us at our movie nights this summer!

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