Our Secret: 60 Homes for the Price of 1


Martin Prosperity Institute

You really want to know why we love Rochester so much? It's simple - because it affords us a quality lifestyle at a great price. That may be an over-simplification of it, because there really are a ton of reasons: the people are nice, the surrounding area is beautiful, easy access to major parts of the country and Canada, we love how the snow looks against our skin, etc.

But seriously, in a recent report from CityLabs by Richard Florida, one map shows how much further your dollar goes (or does not) around the country. In simple terms, the report takes one of the most expensive zip codes in the country, SoHo in Manhattan, and estimates how many homes a person could buy in various cities for the same purchase of 1 loft in Soho.

In Rochester, generally speaking, we could essentially buy 10-60 homes for the price of one apartment in SoHo. Quite the deal if you ask me.

the Rochesteriat

So how much will this view from Chase Tower cost when it is complete and accepting new residents? One thing is for certain, it will be a lot LESS than an alley view in SoHo.

Martin Prosperity Institute

Interesting side note: is there really a East/West divide that runs straight down the middle of our city? Look very closely at the map above and find Rochester...this may just be proof of it.

Jason2Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. Don't get me wrong, NYC living is definitely well worth the price! But can you afford it? That's the question...why not try to buy 60 homes here, become a mini real-estate mogul, and then you can afford that SoHo lifestyle? I am not the first to think of this...Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook.

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