Park(ing) Day 2014: get golfing



This Friday is Park(ing) Day, "an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks" (via Park(ing) Day Website). Park(ing) Day brings attention to the need for cities to have more urban green space and the possibilities for using that space are endless.

This year, in honor of Rochester taking the top spot in Streetblog's 2014 Parking Madness Tournament, Matthew Denker decided it was about time Rochester participated in Park(ing) Day. This brought about the creation of the Inner Loop Country Club. All photos courtesy Matthew Denker...

Inner Loop CC

This Friday, from 9am to 5pm, the Inner Loop CC will be hosting the Inaugural Smugtown Open. This mini-golf tournament will be held downtown inside the Inner Loop across 9 holes built in 9 different metered parking spaces.

Smugtown Open Course Construction Park(ing) Day Golf Greens Golf Obstacles Start at any hole on the course, it doesn't need to be number 1, just pick up a scorecard and make sure the volunteers at each hole stamp that scorecard before you move onto the next! To be eligible for the Best 9 Hole Score you have to play all 9 holes. Putters and golf balls will also be at each hole!

Mini Golf Equipment

Check out the course map below to see the 9 locations downtown (click here to pull it up in Google Maps):

Map with Hole Numbers

If you aren't up to playing but want to be involved - volunteer (you can also play AND volunteer by the way...)! If you are interested, willing, and able to help out, please contact the Club at Volunteers will also receive a top-secret, special thank you for helping out.

The Inner Loop Country Club also plans to run other events throughout the coming year, so if you can’t make it to this one, never fear; there will be more.

Park(ing) Day Smugtown Open Are you up for the challenge? Friday looks to be mid-60's and sunny, so put on your walking shoes with some friends, grab your bike, skateboard, take the bus or even get a workout in and jog between the holes. Be sure to check the website day of in case there are any last minute course changes.

See you on the course?

Event Details: Friday, September 19th 9am - 5pm

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