Pumpkins in the Halloween Sky?

the rochesteriat | looking north over  Woodbury place

the rochesteriat | looking north over Woodbury place

Ok, maybe not actual pumpkins, but close. If you live near downtown or at least drive past it on 490, you may have noticed all the lighting fanfare as of late - the downtown skyline has been pretty colorful. Here's an example:

For the days leading up to and including Halloween, Buckingham Properties was helping to set the mood for the fall weather - and it did it in style. 

Legacy Tower (formerly the Bausch & Lomb Building): Green top, Orange sides

Xerox Building: Orange lights

Tower 280: Orange and Green perimeter lights

We'll keep tabs on the evening skyline as it changes colors, as this has become one of our favorite things to look forward to as the evening takes hold. And make no mistake about it, it's not just Buckingham Properties that is providing the beautiful scenery. The others include:

The Penthouse at One East Avenue

The Central Library

Wings of Progress

Keep an eye out for the changing scenes on the lights - we can't wait to see what the skyline has coming next. 

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