So What's This Buzz All About With City Real Estate Anyways?!


downtown-view This may not come as a surprise to readers of the Rochesteriat, but downtown living-working-playing is downright HOT right now. But did you know that some of the city's neighborhoods that surround downtown are even HOTTER?! We're not kidding, as the local real estate market has seen prices in some neighborhoods jump 30-50% in the last five years alone.

We wanted to see what was happening first-hand (outside of downtown), so we enlisted the help of a budding local real estate mogul, Rich Tyson.

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You may have seen Rich before - he's the handsome dude who ended up in the Real Estate Section of the D&C this past March, in an article by Mary Chao - singing the praises of the North Winton Village. You can say he knows a little bit about the area - he co-owns Fahsye Boutique (adjacent to Mayer Hardware) with his wife, Fon, and they used to live in the neighborhood up until a few years ago (now having purchased a home in the Cobbs Hill area, not too far away).

Facebook - Rich Tyson Real Estate

Even more popular than Rich? The official mascot for selling homes and selling goods out of Fahsye - Ari!


And just a little insert about the North Winton Village - we were so sad to see Jim's Restaurant close recently - humbly stepping aside to make way for a supposed Aldi's in the near future - but we are supportive of Elena Knapp as she works to re-open her second shop, Jim's Too, on Main Street this summer.

Jim's Restaurant

In case you missed the goodbye note hanging on the front door of Jim's...

Over the next several months, Rich will be taking us around to several neighborhoods in the city to see what's happening from a real estate professional's perspective. We'll get a quick look at what's available on the market right now, how these city homes are set up, and what makes them so attractive and unique to buyers today.

We're going to see things like:

Beautifully Crafted Living Spaces...


Creative owners that get their homes published in featured magazines...


Backyards in the city that rival the 'burbs, and you can run-an-entire-Friday-Night-Lights-competition there's so much space...


Creative uses on the inside of these homes that most wouldn't know about...


Yes, the owners created an entire photography studio right in their beautiful city home!

It's our hope that we bring you the most interesting, fun, beautiful spaces that are - or were - on the market in our city. Interesting to note, that while all of the aforementioned homes are still listed For Sale, all are under contract to be SOLD and became so within days of hitting the market.

Be quick, be decisive, and let us help you navigate this city a little better.

If you're interested in more information on Rich, he has recently launched a video series called "Ask A Realtor" - here's his first video (find the others on youtube).

rich-tysonRealtor, husband, father, small business owner and resident of Rochester - has a passion for city living and all that the ROC has to offer. When he's not out meeting with clients, you can find him at his wife's boutique, Fahsye. Check out more at