ROC is Selling Out Events


Facebook - The Strong Museum Nothing makes us shed a tear more (ok, maybe other things do) than sold-out events right in the heart of our city. Take, for example, the Nikko Pop-up Kitchen that will be held at Apogee for the next three days. Sold-out and waiting lists are expanding. And congratulations to The Strong Museum for selling over 1,000 tickets for their first-ever Happiest Hour, a fundraiser that benefits The Strong's mission and educational programming. There was such a buzz on Facebook of the excitement of the evening and goes to show that when you mix carnival games, arcade games, video games and, yes, alcohol - it apparently hits a good nerve.

So while some people may not have had the chance to enjoy the festivities of the last evening at The Strong or be able to take advantage of limited seating at Apogee, there is plenty more around to sink your teeth in. Get your tickets early before they sell out - it's the only way ensure you have a good time. Here are a few other events you'll want to get tickets early enough for:

Passion 4 Fashion

When: 8/30/15; 6-9p Facebook Website

Roc Scotch and Watch 

When: 8/31/15; 5:30-7:30p Facebook Website

Slow Road Tour to Mac's Drive-In

When: 9/5/15; 10a-2p Facebook Episode 1

Brainery 2.0 Fundraising Cocktail Hour

When: 9/10/15; 6-9pm Facebook Tickets

Jason2Get on that waiting list if you have to! There's always cancellations, and they'll be happy to have a back-up! Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook