ROC Transit Day 2014: get to know your city



We live in an independent, fast-paced age. We hop in our car to go wherever we need to, whenever we need to. And we have our smartphone always at hand, so we're never "disconnected from the world".

Well, what about disconnecting from this lifestyle for one day and getting reacquainted with the city - actually seeing it and experiencing it firsthand? What are we talking about? Take the bus!

RTS Bus Logo We understand that if you live in Penfield and work in the city, it may take you a lot longer to take the bus with having to transfer and wait. But if you live near the city or in the city and are walking distance to a bus stop - try it, at least once - it's quick, easy, and convenient!

If you're tired of fighting traffic...

Storm Traffic ...and looking for a parking spot...

tight parking ...this is definitely for you. Be picked up and dropped off right in front of your favorite coffee spot without having to worry about crazy drivers or where to park.

Get dropped off Last year, on ROC Transit Day, we took the bus for the first time ever and it was freeing! Have you heard of this day? Put on by Reconnect Rochester, this event happens one day a year in June. Reconnect Rochester gives out free bus passes for people to give transit travel a try. Ride the bus all day, as many times as you want, explore the city, and be freed from your confines of your car. This is a great experience.

ROC Transit Day Card This year, ROC Transit Day will be June 19th. We recommend you take the leap, we mean... take the bus! Maybe you can't take the entire day off, but catch the bus to lunch, dinner, or even to work and back. Just give it a chance.

What else is fun about this day? Many businesses near bus stops throughout the city (and even outside the city) offer discounts or giveaways to people who show their ROC Transit Day bus pass! It's a great way to try out the bus and some of those businesses and restaurants you've been meaning to get to. And if you already have a bus pass, show it to the participating businesses to enjoy the perks of the day as well.

ROC Transit Day Flyer Nikko Deal ROC Transit Day at the Owl House Reconnect Rochester volunteers will be riding the buses throughout the day as well and giving away prizes to random riders.  You will even find buskers on Main & Broad Streets.

Buskers Taking the bus gives you the chance to live more local, what you save in gas, you can spend in the community. And, did you know that most of the money you spend on gas actually leaves the local economy? Reinvest your time and money, live local, support the city and local businesses - take the bus.

ROC Transit Day Cards Haven't convinced you yet? Check out this promo with highlights from last year:

Click here to see how to get a free ROC Transit Day fare card from us!

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