ROC Transit Day: get your free card



"ROC Transit Day (June 19, 2014) is a grassroots campaign organized by Reconnect Rochester to encourage Rochesterians to use public transit and go car-free for one day" (via ROC Transit Day site).

Last year the Rochesteriat took the day.... and took the bus. We stepped out our front door in the morning, with what we had in our hands, and left the car at home...

2013 ROC Transit Day Card ...and we loved it (read more and see pictures here).

This year we are excited to participate again and we even have FREE all-day fare cards to give to you, our readers!

2014 ROC Transit Day Fare Card (Image courtesy ROC Transit Day Site)

Not only can you take the bus all day for free, anywhere it goes... this fare card will also unlock deals at many businesses who are also participating in and around the city. Find the list of deals and discounts here.

To receive a FREE ROC Transit Day card contact Stefanie ( and provide your name and mailing address, and we will have the card mailed to you before the 19th! Or you can even message us on Facebook!

So, will you join us? Leave the car behind and be freed this June.

ROC Transit Day Details: Event Website Facebook Event Page Tips & Tricks for Transit Travel

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