Rochester Greenovation: 8 things to make your pad better

Rochester Greenovation

Have you been to Rochester Greenovation lately? Are you an incoming college student wanting to add a little pizazz to your dorm or apartment? Are you a hipster in the city looking for some unique stuff that you can confidently claim NO ONE else has? Do you just want inexpensive, one-of-a-kind wares to call your own?

You know you do. Here are 8 things seen recently at Greenovation that would make your pad better.

1. Mid-Century Furniture

Retro Danish Slat Benches Why it'll help your pad: You know that mid-century is always hot. Here you have your end table, a coffee table, and a hallway bench - a matching collection that looks vintage, well thought-out, and complimentary. The gangs all here!

2. Games

Bowling Ball and PinsWhy it'll help your pad: Tired of horseshoes? Bored with cornhole? Why not set up a makeshift bowling alley on your lawn (or driveway) that will get your friends over to your place. No, forget the Wii version, get outside while you still can for the year or make Snow Bowl "a thing" in Rochester.

3. Vintage Fan

Industrial StrengthWhy it'll help your pad: You can be sure no one has this same exact fan in Rochester. This may or may not work still, but looks cool nonetheless. There's also no mistaking that NASA/1950's blueish-green color that seemed to be the only color available in the middle of the last century.

4. Lighting

Old City Lamposts Why it'll help your pad: Shine a light on your favorite room, yes - indoors - to make a brighter statement. You've seen this done with train track lights and stoplights - now give a room that feel from old Highland Park.  

5. Accessories

Welding HelmetsWhy they'll help your pad: Who has these industrial accents for accessories? No one. And you may even have a new halloween costume for this year...2 great ideas for the price of 1.

6. Scott Johns Upcycling

ROC Logo WindowsWhy it'll help your pad: Simple - the ROC logo. Uniquely show off your ROC pride with these custom made windows, not one is ever alike another. Hurray for you, you upcycler. Warning: these sell out quickly. Contact Scott Johns for your own custom made ROC logo window, board, or other idea you may have.

7. Vintage Signs

Parking SignsWhy it'll help your pad: This could be a reminder for all you urbanites who don't have adequate off-street parking to switch sides of the road before you get ticketed. Or you can simply be inspired by easy-to-read, vintage typesetting.

8. Local Artist Originals

Rachel Dow OriginalWhy it'll help your pad: You'll find original pieces of some of our area's best local artists for sale in Greenovation, including this piece by Rachel Dow. You may have seen a city traffic box painted in a similar fashion, or a side of a building by Rachel, but now you can add to your own personal collection of local art by having a piece just for yourself.

Rochester Greenovation:

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