Rochester…runs on Dunkin'?



Dunkin' Donuts

It certainly seems that Rochester has a love affair with coffee. You may have noticed more than a few caffeine-beverage shops open up in the last year or so in our city. Well certainly Dunkin' Donuts has taken notice. You know of their delicious treats and hot beverages that people worldwide crave. Recently spotted in two separate sections of downtown, are signs of pending DD locations ready to open up or at least have the location ready for work.

Dunkin-Donuts-State This one on the corner of State and Church Streets is right down the way from City Hall. Word on the street is that the store could be open and operating by the end of this week (7/14/14) if all goes well.

Dunkin-Donuts-East This is a location near RoCo on East Ave and on the same side of the street. Smack dab in the middle between two local powerhouse coffee shops, Java's at Gibbs Street and Spot on East, DD is going right after the market of Eastman students and professionals in a neighborhood that is healthy and thriving.


A Dunkin' Donuts on every corner like Boston or New York? We may not there quite yet, but the international chain with over 11,000 stores has obviously taken note of Rochester's recent uptick in activity and wants to capitalize.

Time to make the DONUTS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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