Shop Local Black Friday: unique gift ideas from a local treasure spot



With the Holiday season and Black Friday fast approaching, think about this: What if there was a perfect gift for someone on your list that you could get that didn't require you to wake up at 3am Friday morning, you didn't have to fight thousands of other shoppers for the gift, and you did it all in the name of being environmentally friendly? And yet the best part of it all - you will be supporting LOCAL with every penny spent…how about that!?

This Holiday Season, we urge you to give places like Greenovation a chance to fulfill your Santa List. While some people will think that places like this are only junkyards, others can see the true meaning of "one's junk is another man's treasure". From vintage goods to inexpensive items for the do-it-yourselfers and even a whole wall of Holiday decorations, Greenovation offers the adult version of the treasure hunt for goods.

Recently, the Rochesteriat went down to Greenovation to see what we could uncover, and we came up with some pretty cool finds for the urbanists - the industrialists - and the out-of-the-Big-Box retail thinkers on our list. Here's a little taste of what's in store.

Bar stools at Greenovation A line of industrial stools for that city loft, business, or apartment. A very cool idea giving that rustic feel to any kitchen or bar area. Why spend hundreds of dollars at West Elm when you can get them cheaper here? Prices ranged from $59 - $109.

ROC Shoetrees Old shoe trees. While these may not seem significant to you at first glance, a closer inspection reveals that some were made by the Rochester Shoe Tree Company Inc, making them a vintage find of our local past. $12 each.

censored Ok, we didn't want to excite anybody here. But seriously, maybe you're an aspiring clothing designer and you are thinking of opening a shop on Park Avenue or in the Village Gate and you need some mannequins to display your artwork…or maybe you want to create that scene from "Home Alone" and rig these up to scare away potential intruders…either way, for $150, you can own your very own plastic person this Holiday season.

Wood For those do-it-yourselfers out there, Greenovation offers plenty of stand-alone wood to make shelves, frames, tables, or anything else you'd like to put your creative hand to. For just $1.75 per wood plank, give it a shot for those outfitting a new home, an old apartment, or to patch up the hole in the floor after all of that Holiday partying.

Windows And speaking of being creative, what about trying to make something out of these old windows for a gift? There are many ideas out there on Pinterest to give you a start, or, if you don't want to do it yourself -

Window Coffee Table - you can find one done and made already for you into that special gift. This table was priced at $75.

picture Looking to inspire someone this Holiday Season with unique art? Vintage city artwork: $16

Christmas And what would a store be these days without its very own section of Christmas and Holiday decorations?

Remember, your money stays and supports our LOCAL economy when you buy from stores like Greenovation. Each gift is as unique as the person receiving it. You never know what you're going to find - and it changes constantly from week to week, as more people are throwing away their so-called "junk".

Happy Shopping!


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