Slow Road: episode 3


Slow Road Travel has released episode 3: People Make Place. This episode takes a look at how the people within our communities bring place together, and bring it to life. They take us on a journey west out of Rochester on Route 20A to Warsaw, East Aurora, and ending on the peripherals of the city of Buffalo at the South Park Botanical Gardens.

1:15 - Warsaw, NY 5:09 - East Aurora, NY 9:10 - South Park, Buffalo, NY

Ben Woelk of Slow Road says, "I feel inspired and...genuinely touched from the people that we've been able to meet...and looking at their commitment to their own communities, seeing how day in and day out they dedicate their lives to their work, their businesses to the betterment of their local neighborhoods...and I really hope through Slow Road we're able to learn by example...see what other people do, actually bring those things back to our city, so that we can improve our city here..."

Take the slow road.

For more information: Website Host: Benjamin Woelk Filmed & Edited by: Alex Freeman

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