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Maybe you're familiar with Wall\Therapy, maybe you even know some of the artists, and can even name a few locations that have been painted here in Rochester. And believe you me, we're all for the beautiful masterpieces that go up on our city's blighted walls and neighborhoods in much need of a paint touch-up. But there's something else at play in terms of Dr. Ian Wilson's dreams and goals with Wall\Therapy, and that has to do with another organization he Co-Founded, The Synthesis Collaborative.

To find out more on The Synthesis Collaborative and how it is inextricably linked to Wall\Therapy, check out this video of Dr. Ian Wilson explaining the "Collaborative's 2-tiered, philanthropic medical initiative" and how we all can play a part in affecting change to the less fortunate - not only in our own city, but across the world.

http://vimeo.com/57059710 Video credit: Philip Night & Ian Wilson

There are three (3) days left to donate to the 2014 Wall\Therapy Project. If you are thinking about giving a donation to any cause this year, think about helping out with this project as all funds donated will be matched until the end of the IndieGoGo campaign on Saturday. The fundraiser is only a few thousand dollars away from HAS BEEN FUNDED TO ITS ambitious goal, but with your help THANKS TO YOUR HELP!, we can all do this together WE ALL DID THIS TOGETHER!

More Information: IndieGoGo Website Wall\Therapy Facebook Synthesis Collaborative Facebook

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