Stacy K Floral: flowers with a city vibe


A love for plants and flowers is not new for Stacy K Ercan... that love started young while working in a landscape center. Stacy K Floral What began as just a few weddings on the side, has grown into being a full time florist with a retail shop, delivery options, and more.

When you first enter her shop you can't help but notice these large coolers full of beautiful flowers:

coolers Coolers like these just aren't around any longer. They are from the 1940s and are radiantly cooled, which causes the flowers to last longer since they don't dry out. When it was made, all of the metal that you see was actually hand bent around a wooden frame for a perfect fit!

In 2010, she opened a design lab, options are endless for ideas and arrangements.

The Design Lab She also has décor and giftware to add to the vast selection of flowers...

Stacy K Floral Decor If you haven't noticed from her style, the vibe of her shop fits in the city. She may have grown up on Keuka lake, but she knew she needed to be here (and we're happy she is).

Stacy K Decor You'll find orchids, succulents, air plants, and so many kinds of flowers we can't even begin to name them!

Orchids Or maybe you're just looking for a home for some plants you already have - shop the vast selection of vases and terrariums.

Succulents at Stacy K FloralVases The items you'll find inside stretch even further to fit an urban lifestyle with accessories, hair bands, pins, greeting cards, hats, and more...

accessories-pins The thought of buying fresh cut flowers may only come up every so often, birthday's, anniversary's, mother's day, holidays, etc. But why let it stop there? There's just something about having flowers, plants, and the perfect pot or vase that makes a home or office feel so much warmer and inviting! So whatever the occasion, Stacy K Floral has the perfect piece, even if it's just for your kitchen table.

Stacy K Floral: Website:

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 5pm

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Fahsye: handpicked in the village


The North Winton Village is a great neighborhood, full of great establishments. One of these is Fahsye. Husband-Wife team Rich and Fon Tyson just celebrated 2 years of being in business this past April. Fahsye entrance The inspiration for this accessories boutique was to create something very different than what you'll find in a mall. The name itself means "clear skies" in Thai and they did a great job creating that feeling throughout the store.

Inside Fahsye Everything you'll find in Fahsye was handpicked, some items are even from Thailand, where Fon and her family are from.

Purses from Thailand The line of quilted purses they carry are the only ones in the US from this company, NaRaYa, a great alternative to Vera Bradley...

Quilted purses at Fahsye Many of the scarves are handpicked by relatives and shipped from the markets in Bangkok right to the store.

Fahsye Scarves More Scarves You'll even find a nice collection of men's ties.

Men's Ties Need something for an evening out?

Jewelry at Fahsye Or maybe just everyday wear?

Jewelry What about handmade cards...

Handmade Cards ...or trinkets?

Key chains We're sure you'll find something to love here at Fahsye.

By day in the shop you'll find Rich with their daughter Ariya as Fon works in the Cascade District as a graphic designer and photographer. And then they swap, Fon takes over with Ariya and Rich is a real estate agent! We're not sure how they do it all, but they're doing a great job with Fahsye.

Our city is full of people pursuing their dreams and we're glad the Tyson family is following theirs here as well.

Fahsye Details: Website Facebook Page

Store Hours: Monday: Closed Tues-Fri: 11am-7pm Sat-Sun: noon-5pm

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